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An old song Essay

I recently heard an old song in the radio on the way to the grocery and one line struck me the most aside from the upbeat tune and the high pitched voice of the singer. The line was “and money changes everything”. As I was walking around the store and looking at the prices of the things I needed, I could not think of anything else but how money can change most of us and the choices that we make. I am constantly reminded of how nurses have struggled for better working conditions and schedules and that more and more of nurses are changing jobs or even careers for better pay. There is this notion that nurses salaries are huge, that they are paid well enough to not complain, but the truth is, nurses are overworked. In a recent survey it was found that on average a full time nurse works 45 hours in a week including 5 hour overtime.Now they say that on average the hourly pay would amount to $53,595 per year while the average monthly salary would amount to $65,065 per year. When compared, it is evident that the nurses income difference from the hourly rates to the total monthly salary is not very big, and that difference is sometimes what changes the nurse’s mind whether to stay or not. The difference in the hourly and monthly salary covers the basic benefits and compensation package that the employee receives and it is important that nurses feel they are compensated for their work and the hours they keep. It is always a busy day in a hospital and nurses often bear the brunt of the workload, which is why they sometimes find it difficult to reconcile the fact that other hospital staff gets the same amount they do. If in my case, I work the graveyard shift and I don’t get to see my family because I am at work when they sleep and I am asleep when they are at school, then I might feel that I might get compensated for that because I am helping and taking care of other people when I cannot take care of my own. So if someone offers me a nursing job with higher salary and where I can have better hours, then I would probably jump to the other fence.Changing hospitals is not even that attractive anymore, because nurse’s salaries depend on their location, the type of hospitals they work for, the number of patients they handle and even the specific department they are attached to. Every nurse I think would want to be in acute care hospitals because they are paid the highest and I would not want to be stuck in the office job because that’s the lowest paid nurse. Nurses in the suburbs are also paid higher than others in terms of hourly pay, which is followed by nurses in special units like ICU and operating rooms. But becoming a specialized nurse would take experience, further education and training which sometimes the hospital does not provide. Now imagine yourself in their shoes, you would want t earn more and aspire for a better position, an opening in the ICU is available and you would want to try that out, however a requirement was that you have to had this number of hours of experience in ICU cases. But you simply can’t because you had to work 45 hours a week and do additional hours for training in the ICU, is in it frustrating? I bet you would say yes, this is the reality of the nursing world and it is no wonder that many nurses are leaving the hospitals and have gone into private care, private institutions that have less patients and have higher pay.So when I heard money changes everything, I realized that we work because we want to provide for our needs and it is also much more, money symbolizes our worth and importance to our employers and if we are paid poorly then we are not worth much do we?

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