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Alain Chapel(30 December 1937 – 10 July 1990) was a chef of French origin responsible for pioneering Nouvelle Cuisine alongside other chefs. Professional Life of Chef Alain Chapel Born in Lyon, Alain Chapel grew up with an early influence to cooking when his family moved and his father began a bistro known as La Mere Charles in a village called Mionnay, 12 miles beyond the city post World War II. Alain began training within the kitchen of the bistro and in a typical chef-training manner of France used the time seconding to the nearby shops, getting a better hang of ingredients.

Alain then went on to train under chef Fernand Point working in his restaurant “La Pyramide” located at Vienne, Isere. Thereafter in 1967 Chapel came back to his family bistro and secured the present restaurant its foremost Michelin star. He took over the restaurant completely in 1970 upon the death of his father, after which he transformed the inn into a hotel renaming it after his own name.

In the year 1973, Chapel got the third Michelin star, with his restaurant being one among the 19 restaurants all over France to have ever gained the honor.

Throughout the rest of his life, the establishment retained all three of its Michelin stars. The speed of transformation and the cuisine developed turned the village of Mionnay into a culinary landmark on any serious gastronomic tour of France. The attraction was also as great for young chefs, who sought the opportunity to work with Chapel – these included Michel Roux Jr In the process of opening a restaurant in Florida, United States, in 1990 while visiting friends and attending the annual summer festival in Avignon, Chapel died of a stroke.

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Chef Alain Chapel

Chapel left a wife Suzanne, and two sons David and Romain. Under the joint management of his mother and wife, they tried to keep the hotel going with the help of Philippe Jousse – who trained under Chapel – as Head Chef. The menu did retain most of Chapel’s signature dishes, but eventually the restaurant lost its third Michelin star. All efforts to keep up the establishment to former standards ultimately failed, and in February 2012 the Chapel family issued a press release announcing the immediate permanent closure of the premises.

Achievements Alain Chapel got his restaurants three stars between 1967 and 1973 a rare achievement among French restaurants in that time. Popular Recipes by Chef Alain Chapel •Alain Chapel made many food inventions that included signature dishes such as truffle-stuffed chicken tightly enveloped in a pork bladder and cooked in a rich chicken broth and stuffed calves’ ears with fried parsley. The signature Alain Chapel recipes include Roasted rack of lamb with chopped pistachios, ? fs Poche (poached egg) on morels with asparagus, Filet de Rouget (Red mullet) with fennel seeds and Strawberries marinated with lemon vinegar. •Mousse De Citron Vert is a typical one among Alain Chapel recipes into Nouvelle Cuisine to make a fine dessert. •Alain Chapel recipes are deemed classical of Nouvelle cuisine and have been adopted by various chefs across the world with variations or otherwise. Food critic Craig Claiborne writing for The New York Times in 1977 described Chapel’s gateau de foies blonds as “his ultimate triumph” and “one of the absolute cooking glories of this generation”.

According to the Gault Millau Guide to France: “A meal at Chapel’s restaurant was like a symphony. ” Alain Chapel’s Mousse De Citron Vert Ingredients •4 tablespoons sugar •0. 25 cup water •1 cup lime juice •0. 25 ounce unflavored gelatine •1 cup double cream Method •Combine 1/3 cup of sugar with the water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the lime juice. Empty the gelatin into a small bowl and moisten it with a little cool water, then add it to the hot water-lime juice mixture. Remove from the heat and cool

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