Scarface Is My Favorite Movie

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Scarface is an interesting movie from its beginning and is loosely founded on the life of a mafia favorite Al Capone, it condemns the sarcasm of the lords of crimes, overvalued by the media and unsuccessfully tracked by the legal system. Ironically the censors opposed it because it was not against the criminal ways but favored the criminal ways.

The production by Howard Hughes has been able it maintain its integrity and is shown as it was initially conceived.One of the major themes in the movies is the gender masculinity where by Tony Camonte, once a hit man who then makes a decision to own the whole world.

He begins working for Johnny Lovo but later engages in organized crime where he is the leader. Determination and courage are the requirements to overcome his several foes and to outshine his boss.

Gender masculinity is further shown by the St Valentine’s murder and the hospital murder and further in Tony’s attempts to control all the joints and the distribution at one point he say “I’ve got all I want” – as he refers to Lovo as “foolish threat looking for trouble” and trying to intrude on Tony’s area.

His deep love in favor of sister Cesca which makes him very jealousy; he is also attracted to Poppy, Lovo’s which divides these two men further.; he is also close to his ill fated old time friend Guino Rinaldo and his trust in loyal servant also display his male masculinity.

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The movie is fascinating and at certain point, you have to admire the determination and success of Tony and at the same time some of his deeds aren’t ethical. Though there are several exaggerations here and there, Tony is able to convince that hew is just a power hungry villain.

Tony is a complex and insatiable character and that makes him an icon in the gangster’s movies. Besides Tony, other actors play a crucial role, they include unstoppable inspector Gordon, Barnet who is very comical and Boris who is a gangster. In the movie, there is also extensive use of X, which symbolizes death in the movie; Tony possesses the X scar on the left upper side of his check, a symbol Lovo claims that he got it from “war with a blonde in a Brooklyn speakeasy”.


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