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James Bond Presentation Essay

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Video Clip: The opening sequence of Goldeneye, with Pierce Brosnan shooting the screen – 15 Seconds, then fade to black.Projector: Three Images of the 1st, 5th and 6th Bonds (Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig).Presenter: Connery, Brosnan and Craig, all became bonds over a period of forty-four years. Connery being the first was eventually seen as the ideal Bond, whose first movie was produced in 1962. But at the beginning Connery was perceived as not the ideal bond, until he soon proved through Dr no, that he can live up the expectations of the jet set agent, 007.Video Clip: Dr No, 11 minutes in to the film, Connery for the first time, says his name, “Bond, James Bond” – 2 Minutes, then fade to black. (Item 1)Presenter: It is at this moment when Connery is speaking to the lady across from him over the casino table that this image of Bond is straight away presented in Connery. Through this we can see that this woman is the ideal perspective into which we portray Bond as a male object of female desire (The voyeuristic objectification), a sexual gaze resulting in his sexuality becoming effective. Connery is Bond.Run Audio Clip: Diegetic dialogue, Bond pronouncing his name over the Casino Table – 5 seconds (Item 1).Projector: Image of Daniel Craig, 5 seconds. Fade for Video Clip.Video Clip: 9 Minutes into Casino Royale, we see Craig chasing the enemy. Pause frame here for 30 seconds. (Item 3)Presenter: Straight away the cinematography, soundtrack and special effects signal a huge difference from Dr No. Clearly the ideologies of Bond as a real man have changed significantly in respect to what it is we expect to see as a “Bond” character. In Casino Royale, Hollywood’s latest foray into the world of James Bond, things seem to have come full circle with Craig, serving to reboot the franchise. As this film is before Dr No, and so Pierce Brosnan was unable to serve Bond once more due to his “older” appearance.Projector: Un-pause frame, Cut to Image of Pierce Brosnan for 1 minute then fade to black.Presenter: Life/Cinema newspaper (Item 6) published, “The role of 007 seemed to be dead and buried – until Brosnan”. It was at this moment in time, Pierce Brosnan was seen as “The” Bond, and Goldeneye (Item2) addresses Bond’s place in our changing world. In the most quoted line of the film, M makes it clear to Bond that she regrets him as an anachronism, telling him face to face that he is a “sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the cold war”. Using this as a basis of Bond films, the changing representation of bond from 1962 to 2006 is shown clearly, and through the changes the differences are made apparent. We know that in Bond’s world, his immediate superior is women, and this one of those characteristics of Bond, that has not changed, still today, the Male gaze remains untouched, if not more indulged.Projector: Images of Sean Connery coming out of the sea in Dr No (1962) (Item1), and an Image of Daniel Craig coming out of the sea in Casino Royale (2006)(Item 3).Presenter: Looking at both of these images, we can outline what it is to be male. How is masculinity structured within the society in which the film is based? Masculinity changes over the years, but when Ian Fleming, the writer of James Bond, created his Bond in his novels, he portrayed his Bond as a sophisticated lout by its day’s standards. Incessant drinking and smoking, a brute towards women and never did have any remorse in acts such as murder.Projector: Images of men on TV shows from the1960’s to 2006.Presenter: Looking at television shows throughout the period of time, it is easily understood how the world viewed manhood in the 50s. Such as men threatening to hit their wives on TV shows with special FX such as “POW” etc, has a comedic effect, seemingly far-fetched. Another show shows how a man comes home from work and relaxes with a martini (Shaken, not stirred!) while the wife cooks, cleans and deals with the children. Clearly influences such as these even though exaggerated and extreme, reflected the views of Bond in the day.Projector: Poster of Sean Connery in the 60s.Presenter: In the 60’s, Sean Connery brought to James Bond an image of charismatic machismo, Connery was hairy-chested, always smoking, which was the representation of the man’s man of the time. Connery carried with him a great deal of the chauvinistic menace of Flemings Bond; however, he also softened the overt misogyny that the bond of the novels portrayed. The James Bond seen here saw women as playthings, dangerous playthings.Audio Clip: A Slow Non-Diegetic James bond theme tune, gradually decreasing in volume for 10 seconds.Masculinity in the 60sProjector: Images of the typical man over a series of 40 years.Presenter: Researching through some of the History behind the typical man over the past forty years. I have come across a woman who looked further into Masculinity, and the difference between the old ways of being a man as opposed to what you would expect to find today. Nickie Charles(Item 10), stated “Old ways of being a man are no longer possible or acceptable and this gives rise to uncertainties and insecurity”, keeping this in mind our perception of Connery, how would it be compared to the Real Man of his time in the past, as compared to his present(today)?Projector: Images of the War, Men fighting to save the country.Presenter: Ideally, the stereotypical representation of a man is to be strong, relaxed and protective. Patriarchy was enforced in most societies, and as Nickie suggests, having a job gave you an “identity”, and also that consumerism alone was not as important as it is today. During the war, men went to fight and women would stay home. But after the war had ended, women were beginning to have their own rights, almost as equally as men.Back To BondProjector: Daniel Craig and Agent Vesper Lynd on the Train in Montenegro (Item3).Here, we have an exact comparison of Bond, and his new colleague Vesper Lynd. Craig in this clip has met his match in relation to a woman, who as usual, is his superior as Bond. But in this clip we understand that Mrs. Lynd doesn’t have to sleep with him, to be of equal integrity and worthy of his attention, instead, she flaunts her education and social standing. Whilst at the same time her appearance strikes a masculine effect, noticed by Craig.Video Clip: 58:07 into the film, we join Mrs. Lynd and Craig on the train (Item 3).Presenter: In many ways, James Bond is an idea which has been played with around societal ideals.* His masculinity is seen as the modern man in the funhouse mirror, where some of his traits are grotesquely magnified and others minimized quite a lot compared to reality.* Taking into account the representation of women today, which by its macho fantasy is reflected by the empowerment of women, the decline misogyny, and other societal changes, it should be clear that society on the whole has changed dramatically, and so had Bond, and so will continue to change.Audio Clip: James Bond Theme Tune, 30 seconds, fade out.

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