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50 Mcq Sst Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Democracy

Which of the fallowing countries did not attend the congress of Vienna? a) Britainb) Russiac) Prussiad) Switzerland Ans. d) Switzerland Q2. Who said “when France sneezes the rest of Europe catches cold”? a) Garibaldib) Mazzinic) Metternich d) Bismarck Ans. C) Metternich Q3. Which treaty recognized Greece as an independent nation? a) Treaty of Versaillesb) Treaty of Vienna c) Treaty of Constantinopled) Treaty of Lausanne

Ans. C) Treaty of Constantinople Q4. Who was responsible for unification of Germany? a) Bismarckb) Cavourc) Mazzinid) Garibaldi Ans. a) Bismarck Q5. Which area was known as the powder keg of Europe? a) Germanyb) Italyc) Balkansd) Ottoman empire Ans. c) Balkans Q6. Who headed the Vienna congress in 1815? a) Mazzinib) Metternichc) Bismarckd)Cavour Ans. b) Metternich Q7. Name a countries which does not conquered by Napoleon? a)Hollandb) Belgiumc) Russiad) Italy Ans. c) Russia Q8. The Jallianwalla Bagh incident took place in the city of: a) Amritsarb) Agrac) Meerutd) Lahore Ans. ) Amritsar Q9. The simon commission was boycotted because: a) There was no Indian in the commission b) It supported the muslim league c) Congress felt that the people deserved swaraj d) There was difference among the members Ans. a) There was no Indian in the commission Q10. The resolution of poorna swaraj was adopted at which session: a) Karachi Congressb) Haripur congress c) Lahore congressd) Lucknow congress Ans. c)Lahore congress Q11. In which year anti partition movement begins in Bengal? a) 15 aug. 1905 b) 10 Oct. 1905 c) 23 march 1905d) 7 aug. 1905 Ans. d) 7Aug. 1905 Q12.

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When did civil disobedience movement re lunched? a) 1932b) 1934c) 1942d) 1832 Ans. a) 1932 Q13. When did Greek struggle for independence begin? a) 1822b) 1821c) 1831d) 1921 Ans. b) 1821 Q14. When did Gandhiji returned from South Africa? a) 1925b) 1815c) 1915d) 1916 Ans. c) 1915 GEOGRAPHY SECTION Q15. Neyveli lignite mines are located at a)Karnatakab)Tamil naduc)Chattisgarhd)Orissa Ans. b) Tamil nadu Q16. khetri mine in Rajasthan is famous for a) Iron oreb) Micac) Copperd)Limestone Ans. c) Copper Q17. Which of the fallowing minerals is contained monazite sand? a) Oilb) Uraniumc) Thoriumd) Coal

Ans. c) Thorium Q18. The largest solar power plant is located at a) Ahemedabadb) Madhapurc) Mahabalipuramd)Thar desert Ans. b) Madhapur Q19. Softwear Technology Park in Kerala a) Kochib) Tiruvananthapuram c) Coimbatore d) Alleppy Ans. b) Tiruvananthapuram Q20. The first Textile Mill was established in a) Kolkatab) Chennaic) Mumbaid) Coimbatore Ans. c) Mumbai Q21. Leading center of woolen textile industry in Punjab a) Kanpurb) Ludhianac) Murshidabad d) Panipat Ans. b) Ludhiana Q22. Which one of the fallowing industries use bauxite as a raw material a) Aluminumb) Cementc) Juted) Steel Ans. )Aluminium Q23. National highway-8 connects a) Delhi-Bangaloreb) Chennai-Kolkatac) Delhi-Mumbaid) Mumbai-chennai Ans. c) Delhi-Mumbai Q24. The total length of Inland navigation waterways of India is a) 3700kmb) 14500kmc) 7500kmd) 14000km Ans. b) 14500km Q25. Indian railways are divided into a) 20b) 9c) 16d) 18 Ans. c) 16 Q26. Which mode of transportation reduces trans-shipment losses and delays? a) Railways b) Roadwaysc) Pipelined) Waterways Ans. c) Pipeline Q27. India’s international trade mainly takes place through a) Railways b) Seas and oceansc) Airwaysd) Roadways Ans. b) Seas and oceans

CIVICS SECTION Q28. “Third wave” country is used for which country in the chapter. a) Indiab) Polandc) Nepald) Bolivia Ans. c) Nepal Q29. The word MNC is related which issue a) Nepal’s popular struggle b) Bolivia’s water war c) Environmental movement d) Nramada Bachao andolan Ans. b) Bolivia’s water war Q30. Which of the fallowing signifies movement a) An organization that attempt to influence government policies b) Entities that is not an organization and depend on spontaneous mass participation c) Groups which promote collecture good d) An organization seek to capture political power

Ans. b) Entities that is not an organization and depend on spontaneous mass participation Q31. Who among the fallowing is the founder of the Bahujan Samaj party? a) Kanshi ramb) Sahu Maharajc) B. R. Ambedkard) Jotiba Phule Ans. Kanshi Ram Q32. What is the guiding philosophy of the Bharatiya Janata Party? a) Bhujan samaj b) Revolutionary democracy c) Intrgral humanism d) Modernity Ans. d) Modernity Q33. What do you mean by partisan a) Party which runs the government b) Affair of the state or the science of government c) A person who is strongly committed to a party ) A group of people who come together to promote common beliefs Ans. c) a person who is strongly committed to a party Q34. When was democracy introduced in India a) 1947b) 1952c) 1950d) 1949 Ans. c) 1950 Q35. In the context of assessing democracy which among the fallowing is odd one out . Democracies need to ensure a) Free and fair election b) Dignity of the individual c) Majority rule d) Equal treatment before law Ans. c) Majority rule Q36. Which government can take quick decision a) Democraticb) Authoritarianc) Non democraticd) Majouritarism Ans. b) Authoritarian

Q37. How many forms of Democracy are there? a)Oneb) Twoc) Fourd) Many Ans. b) Two Q38. In the direct government who govern themselves a) Peopleb) Leadersc) Presidentsd) No body Ans. a) People Q39. For the smooth running of the democracy, the importance of the ______________ is too much a) People b) Leaders c) Presidentsd) Political party Ans. d) Political Party ECONOMICS SECTION Q40. In a SHG most of the decisions regarding saving and loan activities are taken by a) Bankb) Members c) Non government organization Ans. b) Members Q41. Formal sources of credit does not include ) Banks b) Cooperatives c) Employers Ans. c) Cooperatives Q42. In which system goods are directly exchanged without use of money a) Barter system b) Cooperatives system c) Government sector d) Non government sector Ans. a) Barter system Q43. Majority of the credit needs of the ______________ households are met from informal sources. a) Rich b) Traders c) Employers d) Poor Ans. d) Poor Q44. The past two decades of globalization has seen rapid movements in a) Goods, Services and people between countries b) Goods, services and investment between countries ) Goods, investments and people between countries Ans. a) Goods, services and people between countries Q45. The most common route for investments by MNC in countries around the world is to a) Set up new factories b) Buy existing local companies c) Form partnership with local companies Ans. b) Buy existing local companies Q46. Globalisation has led to improvement in living condition a) Of all the people b) Of people in the developed countries c) Of workers in the developing countries d) Non of the above Ans. c) Of workers in the developing countries Q47.

Globalization, by connecting countries, shall result in a) Lesser competition among producers b) Greater competition among producers c) No change in competition among producers Ans. b) Greater competition among producers Q48. A person who buy goods and services from the market and uses them a) Consumers b) Tradersc) Buyers d) Adulteration Ans. a) Consumers Q49. When did consumer protection act was lunched a) 1886b) 1996 c) 1976d) 1986 Ans. d) 1986 Q50. The district level court deals with the case involving claims up to Rs __________ a) 2lakhsb) 12lakhsc) 20lakhsd) 22lakhs Ans. c) 20 lakhs

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