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Free Worship Leader Resources Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Bible

Licensing Information This book is licensed for your personal use only. No part of this book may be reproduced or distributed in any form except in case of brief quotations or book reviews. Please note that much of this publication is based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence.

Although the author has made every reasonable attempt to achieve complete accuracy of the content in this book, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and shall not be liable for any loss or damage if any caused either directly or indirectly by the information mentioned in this book. Any trademarks, service marks, product names or named features are assumed to be the property of their respective owners, and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement if these terms are used anywhere in this book. All rights reserved worldwide.

3. 0 Unported License. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION BIBLE READING AND STUDY PRAYER / DEVOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL GROWTH WORSHIP TRAINING MUSICIAN RESOURCES SONGWRITING AUDIO RECORDING & EDITING WORSHIP PROJECTION SOFTWARE IMAGE AND VIDEO BACKGROUNDS WORSHIP PLANNING WORSHIP MAGAZINES ABOUT THE AUTHOR Introduction Let? s face it. Worship ministry can be expensive. We buy CDs, DVDs, attend seminars, subscribe to magazines, sign-up for webinars/podcasts, pay for planning tools, training conferences etc.

All of which can burn substantial holes in our wallets. Not to forget most online resources are from the US or the UK and a „reasonable price? in these countries is way beyond the boundaries of affordability for the rest of us! I live in India and face this all the time. So it is kind of a necessity for me to keep hunting for genuinely affordable resources. This is how I came to realize the Internet is a treasure trove of free tools that can be used for personal or ministerial growth. This book is a list of many such resources that I have discovered and used, compiled in an easy-to-access manner.

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My prayer is that this book saves you searching time & effort and proves to be of practical use in taking your worship to the next level. Here we go! – Gangai Victor Bible Reading and Study

1. e-Bible offers reading plans, concordances, commentaries and dictionaries apart from the facility to take notes, highlight verses and provide multiple translations. http://www. ebible. com/

2. Bible. is is a great resource to read and listen to the entire Bible for free with features like podcasts, verses via SMS, twitter feed apart from a cool Facebook app, which facilitates group reading/study of the Word too. ttp://www. bible. is/

3. Blue Letter Bible is a rich resource, offering a searchable Bible with study tools, multiple translations, devotionals and commentaries apart from a dedicated section of resources for women in ministry. http://www. blueletterbible. org/

4. The Walking Bible project helps us memorize verses of the Bible by tagging them to music and pictures. Users get to select preferred verses to memorize by topic or from any book in the Bible. http://www. walkingbible. com/

5. My Study Bible provides an online Bible packed with features like word study, video player, commentary, dictionary and more. ttp://www. mystudybible. com/

6. USCCB Bible is an online Catholic Bible provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). For those who wish to read a modern translation of the deuterocanonical books, which are not found in non-Catholic Bibles, this is a must-have resource. http://www. usccb. org/bible/index. cfm

7. Biblia. com is another cool online Bible resource created by the same folks who built the greatly popular Logos Bible Software. It offers lots of different translations and facilitates the use of the Bible side-by- ide with related reference books in an extremely contemporary interface. http://biblia. com/

8. The Complete Bible Genealogy is a resource of immense value when we want to study specific persons in the Bible. It provides details of a whopping 3087 persons in the Bible including family trees and verse links! The content is neatly organized under heads like ‘Every Person in the Bible’, ‘Genealogy of Jesus’ and ‘Kings of Judah, Israel. ‘ http://www. complete-bible-genealogy. com/ 9. Bible Study Tools is a comprehensive Scripture resource with top notch features like search from 3

9. Bible versions, online Bible reading plans, access to parallel Bibles, concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons in Greek & Hebrew, topical studies, sermon illustrations and more! http://www. biblestudytools. com/

10. Biblios provides parallel Bibles, concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia, devotions, commentaries, atlas, lexicon, original language tools and more. http://biblos. com/ Prayer / Devotional / Spiritual Growth

11. Go Tandem is built on the sound premise that daily engagement with the Bible is essential for spiritual growth.

Once we fill up a spiritual growth assessment questionnaire and choose topics of interest or struggle, Go Tandem will send relevant Biblical text and voice content via email and SMS giving us a personalized experience of walking with God? s Word daily to become more like Jesus. The customized content is designed to help us hear/read God? s Word along with short chal enging reflections leading to a response to His Word by identifying areas of change in our lives and relationships. Go Tandem can even arrange for a one-time or weekly call to see how we are doing and pray with us! ttps://gotandem. com/

12. The Daily Examen is a PDF published by Busted Halo. It? s a concise Ignatian Daily Examen tool that teaches us a method of daily introspective prayer that involves a 6-step process. Alternate download link: http://bit. ly/O6goLN

13. Other6 is a community dedicated to help each other find God at all times in all things.

It? s a place for people to share where and how, they find and experience God? s presence beyond Sunday i. e. the other 6 days of the week. According to the site “Ignatius of Loyola, the 16th-century founder of the Jesuits, devised an examination of consciousness” – a prayerful review of the day intended to help people recognize where they were finding, or needing to find, God in their lives. Other6 takes the essence of this centuries-old practice of the Examen and adapts it for today’s Internet-driven world by posing two questions: “Where have you found God today? ” and “Where do you need to find God today? ” http://www. other6. com

14. Examen. me is a user-friendly online service providing a unique approach to personal prayer and Bible study. Each study is called an examen, which we can use to read, study, meditate and interact with God t our own pace. Also included is a handy journal, in which we can jot down notes for later reference. There are 2 types of Examens: Scripture Examens and Prayer Examens. The site also provides an export option to search for completed examens and download them in PDF for offline reading. http://www. examen. me/

15. Prayerity is an online prayer journal for individuals, churches, and missionaries. Apart from being a private journal, it can also facilitate us to connect and pray for each other. http://prayerity. com/

16. I am Second is a unique online video ministry that aims to inspire people to live for God and for others.

You? ll find lots of video stories of different kinds of people – actors, athletes, musicians, business leaders, drug addicts etc. that will provide great insights into dealing with the struggles of daily life and keeping God first and self second. http://www. iamsecond. com/

17. Operation World has a fantastic section providing lots of free ebooks that will help enhance our prayer lives. Some of the books include “Cat & Dog Theology”, “The Fasting Journey”, “How to Use the Bible in Prayer”, “Praying for the Poor” and many more! http://www. operationworld. rg/free-prayer-enhancing-resources

18. X3Watch is a free accountability software, which will send an email to a person of your choice (an accountability partner) with details of the sites that you browse. This will help curb the urge to visit inappropriate sites. http://www. x3watch. com/x3watchfreebuy. html Worship Training

19. Worship Central Course is a free worship ministry training program offered by Worship Central, a ministry run by people like Tim Hughes! Material includes text of the talk, notes and PowerPoint for every session apart from a course guide. http://www. orshipcentral. org/course/

20. Student Worship Training Package is a free training package from Church Leaders that contains tips on crafting an entire worship service to reinforce the big idea, training for emcees, promotion video links etc. http://www. churchleaders. com/? news=145332/

21. Worship Leader Training by Samuel Lane offered via Experiencing Worship. Lots of concepts are covered in this series of articles. Topics include worship heart, prayer & preparation, practicalities, song lists, dynamics, leading a band and song selection. http://www. experiencingworship. om/articles/general/2005-9-Worship-Leader-Training. html

22. Worship Leading Essentials, an ebook by Scot Longyear is full of awesome reference material and tips for worship leaders. http://ebookbrowse. com/worship-leading-essentials-scot-longyear-pdf-d306330665

23. Worship Training is one of the foremost training resources available online. They offer some sessions for free. Free media includes topics like a. Drum Setup: Make The Kit Fit b. Drums In Worship c. How To Mentor Other Worship Leaders & Musicians (Webinar) d. How To Create A Healthy Balance Between “Structure” And “Free Flow” (Webinar) e. How To Lead A Great Worship Band Rehearsal (Webinar) f. Working Together As Vocalists g. Use Technology To Aid You As A Worship Leading h. Spontaneity In Worship … and many more! http://goo. gl/1yMLt

24. A Worship Leader’s Handbook, an ebook by Josiah Oslund is a brief exploration of the personal, interpersonal and practical application of modern music ministry. It is written to be a brief and accessible reference handbook – filled with thoughts, tips and technical tricks including topics like how to manage flaky artists and tech teams, how to deal with criticism, tips on getting started with songwriting, nderstanding your ministry context and much more. http://josiaho. com/book

25. Next Level Worship Leading is a worship leader e-course by David Santistevan. The course is a systematic weekly tutorial on important concepts of worship ministry. http://www. davidsantistevan. com/nlwl/

26. Worship Workshop by Don Moen, Lenny Leblanc & Team: There are 2 free downloads in MP3 format: a. Qualities of a worship leader/musician – a session by Don Moen on topics like being yourself off and on the stage, caring for people, encouraging participation, earning trust, avoiding redictability, submitting to authority etc. b. Worship Band Workshop – the 2nd session is a demo of concepts like playing a worship song, sound-check, maintaining flow etc. breaking down the roles of the drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and keyboard in worship. http://www. votivepraise. com/2012/04/don-moen. html

27. WorshipGod11 training sessions are offered as free downloads by Bob Kauflin at WorshipMatters. Sessions available are: a. Putting Songs Together – Bob Kauflin b. Making Room for the Spirit? s Leading – Pat Sczebel c. Thinking Surgically While Leading Liturgically – Jamie Brown . The Benefits and Limits of Creativity – Bob Kauflin e. Bringing Order Out of Chaos – Ken Boer f. Worshiping a Big God in a Small Church – Pat Sczebel g. Building and Caring for a Tech Team, PT1 – Dave Wilcox h. Building and Caring for a Tech Team, PT2 – Dave Wilcox

28. Worship Leader Online gives away 2 of their many worship leader training eBooks for free: a. Arranging Hymns for a Modern Church has pointers to incorporate traditional hymns into contemporary worship. b. How to Lead Worship in a Small Church offers tips on doing just that. Musician Resources

29. StrumSchool is an online guitar learning website for beginners that teaches basic guitar playing concepts using video and text tutorials. The lessons are structured in an accessible manner especially for beginners. http://www. strumschool. com/

30. Guitar and Bass is a free desktop software for fretted instruments like Guitar, Bass, Banjo and Mandolin. It has the ability to add new instruments and tunings too. It provides scale/chord/interval references, exercises, tablature viewer/editor, ear training exercises, tuner, audio samples from real guitars, chord finder and an advanced metronome.

You can plug in your instrument while practising too. http://www. guitar-and-bass-software. com

31. Justin Guitar (JUSTIN = Just Use Sound To Improve Now) is an amazing website for guitarists with over 500 free lessons including courses for beginners apart from intermediate and advanced players. Some of the topics covered are basic skills, rhythm, scales, chords, gear, recording, arpeggios and much much more! http://justinguitar. com/

32. Guitar Praise run by Kenny Gohweizhi has tutorials for electric, bass and acoustic guitars covering many of today’s popular praise and worship songs. ttp://guitarpraise. blogspot. in/

33. For Your Glory by Graham and Daniel Choo has hundreds of worship song tutorials and more are being added regularly. You’ll find a tutorial for almost any popular worship song here. http://grahamchoo. blogspot. com/2007/08/christian-music-instructional. html

34. Worship Tutorials is a song tutorial resource run by Brian Wahl containing tons of guitar tutorial videos for popular worship songs. This site also provides song videos to play along apart from chord charts. http://worshiptutorials. com/

35. Piano in Contemporary Worship This is a 3 part series of video tutorials taught by Bob Kauflin covering just about every important concept for the modern worship keyboardist: a. The first video session covers melody, rhythm, harmony, groove, whole notes, dynamics and practise tips. b. The second session contains tips on playing with a band, fills, using the left hand and acoustic piano vs. electric keyboard. c. The third video has concepts like chord coloring, inversions, playing hymns, developing chords, vocabulary, introductions, transitions, playing behind the speaker and modulations.

36. Transposr is a free and handy online app providing transposing services for chord charts and MP3 files. Simply upload MP3 files, choose a key and Transposr will transpose the MP3 to that key. It can do the same thing to chord charts if you upload them as text files too. Great resource for rehearsals! http://transposr. com/

37. MixMeister BPM Analyzer is a neat desktop tool to identify the tempo of worship songs. Once the program is installed, select the folder where you store music files, based on which BPM Analyzer will calculate extremely accurate BPM, display & sort files by Title, Artist, or BPM, update ID3 tags with xact BPM information, print BPM reports and export BPM counts for use in other programs. http://www. mixmeister. com/

38. Open Metronome is an open source metronome for Windows and Windows Mobile. Its features include user definable BPM & measure, visual indicator, hot-keys, 40 MIDI voices, custom rhythm patterns etc. http://sourceforge. net/projects/openmetronome/

39. Chords! Online is an online harmony recognition service. Simply upload the MP3 of the song (maximum file size limit of 8 MB), provide an email ID and that’s it. An automatic email will be sent onfirming the song upload and then another one once the chords are mapped. Post the upload, it takes about 3 to 10 minutes to complete the entire process. http://chords. fm/

40. Audio Pitch & Shift is a neat free program to help musicians learn difficult parts of a song such as complex guitar solos by slowing down the speed of playback without affecting the pitch. The app can also detect the BPM of a song, loop-playback a specific segment of a song etc. http://audiops. codeplex. com/ Songs, Lyrics and Chords

41. Worship Together is a ministry to discover new songs, video tutorials, chord charts by songwriters like Chris Tomlin, Hillsong UNITED, Tim Hughes, Passion, Matt Maher, Christian Stanfill, Brenton Brown etc. Songs are indexed by theme, tempo, genre etc. for easy search. http://worshiptogether. com/

42. Kingsway? s website gives away a free new song with chord chart every week. The site also has a database of lyrics of almost all songs released under the Kingsway label (classics and new songs) searchable by title, lyrics, author and theme. http://www. kingsway. co. uk/

43. FreeCCM is an information base of the latest Christian music happenings apart from a source of free- o-download songs every week. http://freeccm. com/

44. Chordbook is a flash-based site that displays guitar strings with an interface to select the chord you want to play, based on which it automatically places visual circles on the guitar strings to help you learn the right placement for your fingers to play that chord. Clicking the “strum” button play the selected chord to get an idea of how the chord actually sounds like. Also features alternate tunings, capo mode, left and right hand playing, chord search and chord inversions. http://www. chordbook. com/

45. Chord Chart for Keyboard / Piano from Key Sheet Music is a comprehensive PDF containing diagrams of every chord shape commonly used by keyboardists / pianists. With hundreds of the most popular chords to choose from, this book will give you the help you need to develop and progress in your piano playing skills more quickly. http://www. keysheetmusic. com/media/bookstore/pianoandkeyboardchords/pianoandkeyboardchords. pd f

46. Tabster is an easy to use simple guitar tab manager program that stores guitar tabs in a local library for easy viewing, editing, and printing. It comes with a built-in browser that enables searching of the tabs vailable in the Ultimate Guitar website, easily download them and add them to a local library. You can also create your own tabs and upload them to the Internet. http://www. nateshoffner. com/projects/

47. Worship Archive is a simple website to find chords for all kinds of worship songs. The site also features a transpose tool to instantly get the chords of a song in your preferred key. http://www. worshiparchive. com/

48. Worship Swap is a community of Christian musicians who share worship song chord charts. There? s a wide variety of songs available here to learn your favorite worship song.

Apart from chords, members also share video tutorials. http://worshipswap. com

49. e-Chords is another cool resource to find worship song lyrics and chords. Registration as a member gives you access to all available song chords and enables you to upload songs into its database, create songbooks and receive preferred chords by email. http://www. e-chords. com/

50. Ultimate Guitar is a fantastic site to search for bass and guitar tabs apart from chords. You? ll find multiple versions of chords/tabs for many songs, which should catch the fancy of advanced musicians. http://www. ultimate-guitar. com/

51. The Guitar Hymn Book is yet another useful chords site with a unique feature: finger-style tabs for many hymns! Chords for tons of hymns are available here. Classical guitarists and hymn lovers should love this one. http://guitarhymnbook. com/

52. SlowMP3 is a musician-friendly music player with 3 unique features: a. A “Speed” control er to slow down the playback speed – useful to figure out the notes of a solo. b. A “Transpose” controller to transpose the key up to 6 steps lower or 5 steps higher. c. A “Transcribe” button which highlights the notes being played on a virtual keyboard, to help igure out the chords. http://www. rinki. net/pekka/slowmp3/ Songwriting

53. VersePerfect is without doubt, the most powerful PC freeware for song/poetry writing. Includes a text editor, rhyming dictionary, Hyperbolic Thesaurus, connection to online resources and more to translate your lyric ideas to finished songs. http://bryantmcgill. com/books/rhyming-dictionary

54. Becoming a Better Songwriter is a series of teachings on songwriting provided as free MP3 downloads by Bob Kauflin. Topics covered are: a. Becoming a Better Songwriter – Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook b.

How to Revise Your Own Song – Steve Cook c. Principles of Songwriting – Stuart Townend d. What the Psalms Teach us About Songwriting – Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook e. What Will Your Next Song Be? Writing Songs on Purpose – Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook f. Why God Wants You to Write Songs – Mark Altrogge g. Writing Songs People Will Want to Sing – Craig Dunnagan h. Recording Your Song from Start to Finish, Part 1 – Sal Oliveri i. Recording Your Song from Start to Finish, Part 2 – Sal Oliveri

55. WorshipGod11 training sessions on songwriting are also available for download at Worship Matters: a.

Practicing and Planning Creativity (for songwriters) – Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook b. Before and After – The Evolution of a Song – Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook c. What Makes These Songs Great? – Steve & Vikki Cook d. Worshiping God When Your World is Shaking – Craig Cabaniss

56. Songwriting Critique & Checklist Forms are available as PDF downloads at “My Song in the Night”, a blog by Bobby & Kristen Gilles of Sojourn Music. http://mysonginthenight. com/2012/07/23/get-your-free-songwriting-critique-form -checklist-form-here/

57. Rhyme Brain claims to rhyme any word using advanced linguistics and statistics to search over 2. 6 million words! Apart from the rhyming dictionary, Rhyme Brain also provides other songwriting tools like invent-a-word, alliteration aid, an online text editor, a de-wordifier and a pronunciation helper. http://rhymebrain. com/en

58. B-Rhymes is what you need when you? re looking for false/imperfect rhymes. It helps you find near sounding words, so you don? t always have a line ending with „sing? followed by a line ending with „king? – it basically helps avoid lyrical cliches. It outputs words that sound good together even though they don’t technically rhyme as well as perfect rhymes. http://www. b-rhymes. com/

59. RhymeZone combines a regular rhyming dictionary with an option to find imperfect rhymes. It also helps find synonyms, antonyms, definitions, homophones, similar sounding words, consonants, related words, words with similar spellings, words with matching letters, etc. http://www. rhymezone. com/ Audio Recording & Editing

60. Audio Recording Guide is a free ebook to understand audio recording, the music business and the entire music production process. http://www. udiorecording. me/music-production-ebook-in-home-audio-recording-mixing-and- mastering. html

61. Audacity is the most famous free digital audio editor program out there. Allows recording / importing audio, post-recording processing, multi-track mixing, effects, plug-ins, pitch and tempo edits and more. Audacity is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. http://www. audacity. sourceforge. net/

62. Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) is available for the Linux, OpenBSD, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Comes with a song editor, beat & baseline editor, piano roll, multiple instruments, MIDI and fruity-loops import etc. Supports LADSPA and VST plugins too. http://lmms. sourceforge. net/

63. Wavosaur is a free sound editor, audio editor, wav editor software for editing, processing and recording sounds, wav and mp3 files. Wavosaur can edit audio (cut, copy, paste, etc. ), produce music loops, analyze, record and batch convert files. It supports VST plugins, ASIO driver, multichannel wav files and real time effect processing. The program has no installer and doesn’t write in the registry. You can use it as a free mp3 editor, for mastering or sound design. http://www. wavosaur. com/

64. Ocenaudio is a cross-platform, audio analysis and editing tool supporting VST plugins, Real-time preview of effects, Multi-selection for delicate edits, Efficient editing of large files, full-features spectrogram and more. http://www. softpedia. com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Audio-Editors Recorders/ocenaudio. shtml

65. Free Audio Editor is a comprehensive digital audio workstation that lets you record audio, edit audio tracks, apply various effects with support for a wide range of audio formats including MP3, WAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MP2, CDA, AIFF, AAC, AC3 etc. It can cut, crop and extract audio from video including YouTube videos (it can download videos too), apply multiple audio effects / filters, reduce noise and more. http://www. swifturn. com/audioeditor. html

66. Wave Editor is a fast and simple digital audio editing software for Windows that supports MP3, WMA and WAV. It is useful for making small adjustments to audio files like fade-in/fade-out, normalize, amplify, insert silence etc. http://www. wave-editor. com/

67. Jokosher is a simple and feature rich multi-track studio application for recording, editing, mixing & exporting audio with support for Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, WAV etc. http://www. jokosher. rg

68. Free Audio Editor 2012 is a powerful audio recorder and editor with effects, real-time preview, text-to-speech synthesis and more. http://www. free-audio-editor. com

69. Soundcloud helps you make and share recordings with a selected audience or just about anyone online. It is an easy-to-use online audio distribution service which facilitates collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings. There are Android and iOS apps available too. http://soundcloud. com Worship Projection Software

70. Exposong is a projection freeware sporting a clean and user-friendly interface and handles he OpenLyrics data format, thereby providing compatibility with alternative open-source lyrics applications. Supports lyrics, alerts, images, timers, set management, library import / export, compatibility with OpenSong & SongSelect files, songbook printing etc. No video features yet.

Runs on Windows and Ubuntu-Debian. http://exposong. org/

71. EasySlides can handle 3 monitors, so musicians on stage can have their own screen to follow the lyrics. Supports lyric display in 2 languages for multi-lingual services, video playback including live amera feed integration, chords storage, alerts, searchable Bible, songbook creation and more. Windows only. http://www. easyslides. com/

72. Openlp is a standard and popular freeware with loads of features for managing and displaying songs, Bible verses, images, videos (not video backgrounds though) and alerts. Comes with Bible import from CSV files, CCLI / SongSelect integration, PowerPoint file import and more. It even facilitates linking songs to audio files for use as backing tracks. Openlp is available for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux and FreeBSD. http://openlp. rg/

73. Datasoul is a cross platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) freeware that supports display of text, images and video, nice formatting options, alerts, video backgrounds (file and live feed) and separate output for the main screen and stage. It can handle lyrics, chords, transposition and even guitar tabs apart from launching PDF, PPT and OpenOffice files. Another cool feature is its ability to export a presentation to PDF. There are also tools available to import PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations and songs from EasyWorship. http://code. google. com/p/datasoul/

74.Quelea is a cross platform (Windows and Linux) projection program that can get you started quickly with your song library as it allows importing songs from various sources like the Kingsway online library, survivor songbooks and source songbooks. It? s also compatible with the Zefania Bible format to import a wide variety of Bibles. Supports lyrics, transposition of chords, PowerPoint, Video playback and more. http://quelea. org/

75. Sing and Read 2 is a Windows only freeware for displaying songs, hymns, Bible passages, notices & orders of service with dual monitor output.

Its unique feature is using MS-NetMeeting to broadcast a presentation over the Internet. http://www. softwareforworship. com/singandread2. htm

76. Songview has most of the standard features like lyrics, chords, Bible, alerts, handling PowerPoint files etc. It can also track song use history for CCLI reporting and display chords for the musicians on stage as a separate output. Songview is also portable and can be installed and run from a USB stick. Windows only. http://www. logos-solutions. org. uk/songview. php

77. Zionworx comes with integrated Bibles and a song database, great text formatting options, CCLI ompliance, service list creation, PowerPoint integration and more. It does not handle chords though. Its unique feature is the ability to connect to BibleGateway. com to download and display Bible passages on-the-fly. Windows only. http://www. zionworx. org. uk/

78. OpenSong is a simple program that supports storing of lyrics with chords (including key transposition), searchable Bible, alerts, dual monitors, creation of printable lead sheets etc. However, two disadvantages with OpenSong are its inability to allow slide edits during the slideshow and lack of video playback.

OpenSong is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. http://www. opensong. org/

79. Power Worship is an add-on for MS-PowerPoint for those who are still stuck to PowerPoint for some weird reason. It provides a library to create and maintain lyric files. A set-list can be created by selecting songs from the library and on the click of a button, Power Worship will create a PowerPoint presentation for the set-list with user defined backgrounds, fonts etc. Power Worship is available for Windows and Mac. Apart from PowerPoint, there is an OpenOffice version also available. http://www. owerworship. com/

80. Asaph is no longer in active development but the freeware is still available for download through CNET. It can manage song databases, publish song-sheets/booklets and generate presentations for worship. Windows only. http://download. cnet. com/Asaph/3000-2130_4-47058. html

81. Worship Extreme is a powerful church presentation program with support for HD video backgrounds, feature-rich slide editor, Bibles, alerts and more. Windows only. http://www. worship-extreme. com/

82. PowerSong is an easy to learn presentation tool that comes with multiple databases with song ategorization, extensive text formatting,

Bible support, real-time song editing, set-list building, alerts and more. Does not support video though. Windows only. http://www. powersong. org/

83. SNAP Projection is a simple program which apart from its regular song management features also works with PowerPoint slides – slides created in PowerPoint can be used in SNAP Projection to present them. Allows editing/correcting slides real-time and set management. Windows only. http://www. snapprojection. com/

84. Open Worship is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) multimedia application for presenting worship lyrics. http://open-worship. et/ Image and Video Backgrounds

85. Motion Share is an online resource that provides videos with creative commons license, meaning all available media content are free to be used as you please. There are motion backgrounds, mini movies, countdowns, film & animation and a category called collections – a group of videos based on a theme. http://www. motionshare. com/

86. Desktop Nexus has thousands of high quality images neatly arranged under common categories. The site has a good search function too. Only downside is each image has to be downloaded individually as there’s no batch select & download option. http://www. esktopnexus. com

87. Free HD Motion Backgrounds is a YouTube channel that publishes HD quality motion videos that can be used in your favorite projection software. Nice collection here if video is your thing! http://www. youtube. com/user/MovingBacksProducts 88. New Life Church Creative website has a section full of stunning video backgrounds that are available for free download. http://creative. newlifechurch. tv/downloads/backgrounds

89. VLADSTUDIO has wallpapers specific to single monitor, 2 or 3 monitor setups, iPhone and iPad. So if you want customized backgrounds for these devices, this is a neat site to visit.

There’s no easy search facility though, so you’ll have to browse the images page by page till you spot what you’re looking for. http://www. vladstudio. com/wallpapers/

90. Wallpapr is a simple search engine to find images. Like Vladstudio, wallpapr also provide images customized for iPhone and iPod. http://marcogomes. com/wallpapr/en/

91. Wallpapers Wide provides wallpapers in a wide variety of resolutions and sizes. The images are of excellent quality and can be searched by keyword or by category. http://wallpaperswide. com

92. Wallbase is another superb site to find and download high quality wallpapers. The site also has a powerful search facility. http://wallbase. cc

93. Open Resources provides sermon audio, countdowns, promotional design graphics, documents and videos (openers, loops etc. ) that can be fit into a broad variety of themes. The content is neatly arranged under categories like Biblical Themes, Family, Finance, Personal Stories, Healing & Recovery, Relationships and Youth, thereby facilitating uncomplicated navigation of available material. http://www. openresources. org/

94. Stock Photos for Free is a free database of photos and images from around the world.

The free content is available for use even in commercial projects. http://www. stockphotosforfree. com/

95. Free HD Countdowns is just what the name says: a wonderful site to download countdown videos in HD quality for free. The videos can be used at any event, no conditions attached! http://freehdcountdowns. com/

96. Free Worship Loops is another great site to download beautiful video backgrounds for free. http://freeworshiploops. com/ Worship Planning

97. Praise Tools is a free (for now! ) online resource that helps organize songs, plan worship services each week and easily communicate it all with the team. ttp://praisetools. com/

98. Service Builder is a free online worship planning software that facilitates you to organize teams, schedule musicians, connect and share with required people efficiently. It helps track attendance, plan songs, build the order of the service and more. It also packs tons of lyrics & chord sheets for thousands of worship songs and hymns. http://servicebuilder. net/

99. Song Suggest is a one-of-a-kind PC app which comes with a database of around 600+ popular worship songs. You can search for songs, lyrics, chords & YouTube videos and use the results to build orship set-lists by theme. While the iOS app costs $2. 99, the desktop version is free. http://worshipapps. com/air/

100. Google+ Hangouts is a useful tool to stay connected with your ministry team even when not physically present at the same place.

Hangouts allow you video chat with up to 9 people! It’s good enough to even work out new songs over video chat. It has a ‘Hangouts On Air’ feature, which facilitates broadcast of live events (like your worship session for example) to any number of people. Make sure you enable an audio setting called ‘Studio Mode’, which enhances the sound to near CD-quality. ttp://www. google. com/tools/dlpage/res/talkvideo/hangouts/

101. Service Planning Worksheet is a spreadsheet provided by Chris Gambill at JourneyofWorship, which helps plan worship services ahead of time and organize service elements like topics, songs, videos, readings etc. It is also available as a PDF document. Alternate download link: http://bit. ly/Si7IPr

102. Planning Center Online offers a free option too with most of the necessary features intact. PLO facilitates planning & organizing every aspect of the service in one place including times, people, songs, media, notes & ttachments and more. https://www. planningcenteronline. com/signup/free

103. PraiseBase is a database application for worship teams. It provides an interface to track your songs, sets & team members and provides a publishing feature to facilitate the creation of an intranet website to share service details with the team. http://www. praisebase. com/

104. Google Drive is not exactly meant to be a worship planning tool, but it can easily be used for this purpose. Plan the worship service in a spreadsheet, upload media files, invite team members to collaborate and share everything seamlessly.

Separate each service by creating individual folders for each of them and you have a well maintained, free, cloud based worship planning eco-system. Google Drive? s Android app is simply the icing on the cake! https://drive. google. com

105. Lifeway Worship offers a free online worship planning tool too. http://www. lifewayworship. com/worshipPlan/start

106. BOX like Google Drive, can also double up as an effective worship planning tool. You can use it to plan services, track people, assign tasks, review activity, share media and other files, integrate Google docs, stay connected and up-to-date on everything. ttps://www. box. com

107. Guidebook for Fantastic Worship Rehearsals is a free ebook by Rob Rash that is full of practical tips and suggestions for effective worship team rehearsals. http://robrash. us/guidebook/ Worship Magazines

108. Worship Musician! is a bi-monthly resource devoted to equipping congregations and individuals as they seek to lead a life of Christ-centered worship. The digital editions are available for free. http://www. scribd. com/doc/92863896/Worship-Musician-Magazine-MayJun-2012

109. Technologies for Worship Magazine (TWFM) is a magazine specifically designed to meet the technical eeds of your church. The digital edition is free. https://www. tfwm. com/intdigmagsub

110. Integrity Digital Magazine is a free digital worship magazine published by Kingsway and Integrity Hosanna. http://www. integritydigitalmagazine. com/

111. All About Worship Digital Magazine is a monthly digital magazine available as a PDF download. Contains artist interviews, devotionals, reviews, articles and more. http://allaboutworship. com/magazine/

112. Sunday Magazine is an online magazine aimed more at creatives, but it does contain articles on topics related to worship too. ttp://www. sundaymag. tv/ About the Author Gangai Victor is a worship leader, trainer, songwriter, technology enthusiast and founder of the blog, Votive Praise, a resource for worshipers and worship leaders. His blog has been featured on Worship Leader magazine and Worship Ministry Catalyst as a top online resource for worship ministry. Gangai also contributes content for Church Mag and Faith Village. Gangai lives in Chennai, India with his family.

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