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So it is kind of a necessity for me to keep hunting for genuinely affordable resources. This is how I came to realize the Internet is a treasure trove of free tools that can be used for personal or ministerial growth. This book is a list of many such resources that I have discovered and used, compiled in an easy-to-access manner.

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My prayer is that this book saves you searching time & effort and proves to be of practical use in taking your worship to the next level. Here we go! – Gangai Victor Bible Reading and Study. e-Bible offers reading plans, concordances, commentaries and dictionaries apart from the facility to take notes, highlight verses and provide multiple translations.  Bible. is is a great resource to read and listen to the entire Bible for free with features like podcasts, verses via SMS, twitter feed apart from a cool Facebook app, which facilitates group reading/study of the Word too.   Blue Letter Bible is a rich resource, offering a searchable Bible with study tools, multiple translations, devotionals and commentaries apart from a dedicated section of resources for women in ministry.

The Walking Bible project helps us memorize verses of the Bible by tagging them to music and pictures. Users get to select preferred verses to memorize by topic or from any book in the Bible.  My Study Bible provides an online Bible packed with features like word study, video player, commentary, dictionary and more. USCCB Bible is an online Catholic Bible provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). For those who wish to read a modern translation of the deuterocanonical books, which are not found in non-Catholic Bibles, this is a must-have resource.  Biblia. com is another cool online Bible resource created by the same folks who built the greatly popular Logos Bible Software. It offers lots of different translations and facilitates the use of the Bible side-by- ide with related reference books in an extremely contemporary interface.

The Complete Bible Genealogy is a resource of immense value when we want to study specific persons in the Bible. It provides details of a whopping 3087 persons in the Bible including family trees and verse links! The content is neatly organized under heads like ‘Every Person in the Bible’, ‘Genealogy of Jesus’ and ‘Kings of Judah, Israel. Bible Study Tools is a comprehensive Scripture resource with top notch features like search from 3 Bible versions, online Bible reading plans, access to parallel Bibles, concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons in Greek & Hebrew, topical studies, sermon illustrations and more!

Biblios provides parallel Bibles, concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia, devotions, commentaries, atlas, lexicon, original language tools and more.  Spiritual Growth There’s no easy search facility though, so you’ll have to browse the images page by page till you spot what you’re looking for.  Wallpapr is a simple search engine to find images. Like Vladstudio, wallpapr also provide images customized for iPhone and iPod.  Wallpapers Wide provides wallpapers in a wide variety of resolutions and sizes. The images are of excellent quality and can be searched by keyword or by category.  Wallbase is another superb site to find and download high quality wallpapers. The site also has a powerful search facility.

Open Resources provides sermon audio, countdowns, promotional design graphics, documents and videos (openers, loops etc. ) that can be fit into a broad variety of themes. The content is neatly arranged under categories like Biblical Themes, Family, Finance, Personal Stories, Healing & Recovery, Relationships and Youth, thereby facilitating uncomplicated navigation of available material.  Stock Photos for Free is a free database of photos and images from around the world. The free content is available for use even in commercial projects.   Free HD Countdowns is just what the name says: a wonderful site to download countdown videos in HD quality for free. The videos can be used at any event, no conditions attached!

Guidebook for Fantastic Worship Rehearsals is a free ebook by Rob Rash that is full of practical tips and suggestions for effective worship team rehearsals. Worship Magazines Worship Musician! is a bi-monthly resource devoted to equipping congregations and individuals as they seek to lead a life of Christ-centered worship. The digital editions are available for free.  Technologies for Worship Magazine (TWFM) is a magazine specifically designed to meet the technical eeds of your church. The digital edition is free. Integrity Digital Magazine is a free digital worship magazine published by Kingsway and Integrity Hosanna.  All About Worship Digital Magazine is a monthly digital magazine available as a PDF download. Contains artist interviews, devotionals, reviews, articles and more.

Sunday Magazine is an online magazine aimed more at creatives, but it does contain articles on topics related to worship too. About the Author Gangai Victor is a worship leader, trainer, songwriter, technology enthusiast and founder of the blog, Votive Praise, a resource for worshipers and worship leaders. His blog has been featured on Worship Leader magazine and Worship Ministry Catalyst as a top online resource for worship ministry. Gangai also contributes content for Church Mag and Faith Village. Gangai lives in Chennai, India with his family.

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