Erida, The goddess of hate

Erida is Hate. She is Strife and Discord. Unfortunately, there are many conflicting sources of information about this Greek Goddess of Hate. Most sources cite her as the twin sister of Ares; some sources say that she is the same as Eris, Goddess of Discord, while others state that Eris and Erida are two totally different goddesses. One source even said that Erida is the daughter of Eris. There is also the fact that the names "Erida" and "Eris" are uncannily similar.

Besides that, there is the question whether Erida is actually in the book The Iliad by Homer, which is one of my main sources. The Goddess of Hate is not explicitly named in The Iliad as Erida but is rather referred to as Strife. So for purposes of this essay, I will assume that Erida is indeed the same goddess as Eris.
Twin sister of the God of War, Erida was Ares' constant companion.

Erida's greatest joy was making trouble. In Book Five of The Iliad, Erida is described as "Strife insatiable."Her anger is never satisfied.She possessed a golden apple so radiant that everyone wanted to have it.Erida would throw her golden apple among friends and foes alike. If she threw it among friends, their friendship quickly ended. If she threw it among enemies, war would break out.
Essentially an action of Erida led to the Trojan War. Zeus was giving a wedding for Peleus, a young king of Thessaly, and Thetis, a beautiful Nereid.

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All the gods and goddesses were invited to the wedding except Erida. She was furious so she threw one of her golden apples of discord into the crowd of guests and shouted, "The fairest of the goddesses shall have it!" Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite rushed to pick it up, each thinking that they were the fairest of them all, and soon they began to argue with each other about who should have the apple. The wedding broke up and the goddesses went back to Olympus still in discord.

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