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Shadows In Paradise Remarque Paper

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Paper type: Essay, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Erich Maria Remarque. Set of 6 books. Night in Lisbon. Shadows in Paradise”

Night in Lisbon! What can be done in one night! Remember all my life! To save something, something to give …

The War. Destroying, sizzling. Heartless, hateful. War people. War engenders war hearts of people! People do not want to love. People do not like! We are killing in our hearts all living things! But we can save each other. Save at least love. As do the main characters. Without fear, war, persecution, they save their love in the face of death. His woman. My man! They live in a dream to save, just save! Clinging to the last hope, digging his nails into the ground, only to save! Beat off, to win. , Native!

This book has grown among death, dirt, treachery, evil little sprout of love, it makes its way through the earth, trample it and it is still growing. There is nothing stronger than love in this life!

When you lose the meaning of life? When love comes to an end! Let him endlessly is a war, if there is love -. People survive

The Night In Lisbon

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But there comes a time when you stand still and look at the ship floating away … and you do not want to escape, to decide something, try, endeavor … you just look after him.

Goodbye, ship, farewell, my love!

The book is not simply about love, a book about values. About life, as values ​​and the values ​​in life! About a brutal war, which began in 1939 for all, and much earlier than for Germans. The persecution of Germans who did not support Hitler, continued during the war. Unhappy people, who fled in search of freedom, to save his love, and who find themselves on the shore … still seeing the ship.

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