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EPY 451 test 2

What to consider when developing assessments?

Clear and appropriate learning targets?

What method of assessment will I use?

Will I have good evidence that the inferences from the assessments will be valid?

Are consequences of the assessment positive?

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declarative vs. procedural knowledge

declarative knowledge is info that is retained about something, knowing that it exists.


procedural knowledge is knowing HOW to do something.

selected response

(multiple choice)


2 or more alternatives that contain one correct or best answer and two or more distractors.

advantages of completion


disadvantages of completion

they’re easy to construct, allow a good sampling of different facts, guessing contributes to little error, scorer reliability is high, they can be scored more quickly than short answer or essay items


scoring takes longer and if the sentence is not well written, more than one answer may be possible.

binary choice items

*aka alternative response, alternate response, alternate choice.*

;They are constructed from propositional statements about the knowledge.

a proposition is a declarative sentence that makes a claim about content or relationships among content.

deep understanding vs reasoning

deep understanding=able to justify construct and reflect

reasoning=mental manipulation of knowledge

holistic vs analytic scoring

holistic is a score

;teacher makes an overall judgement


analytic gives feedback

gives each individual criteria seperate points

authentic vs alternative assessments

authentic is direct examination of a students ability to use knowledge to perform a task that is liike what is encountered in real life or real world.


alternative is any method that differs from conventional paper and pencil tests-particularly objective tests: like oral presentations, experiments,ect.

performance assessments

perform create construct produce or do something. no single or correct answer.

reliability mmay be difficult to establish.

rubric construction

the topic has been extensively and accuretely researched


storyboard consisting of logically and sequentially numbered slides, has been developed


introduction is interesting and engages the audience


fonts easy to read and point size varies

advantages of portfolio assessments

promotes student self assessment

collaborative assessment

enhances student motivation

focus is on strengths

types of portfolio assessments




teacher student conferences

should be scheduled throughout the year

allow the student to do most of the talking

have student compare their reflections with your evaluations and make plans for subsequent work

10-15 mins

generosity error

Generosity error refers to the situation in which a rater gives higher ratings than they otherwise might, generally because a rater does not have enough information to make an objective judgment on the issue at question

severity error
scoring bias in which teachers rate students lower than they should
central tendency error
scoring bias in which students tend to be rated in the middle of the evaluation scale
halo effect
general impression influences scores or grades on subsequent assessments

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