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Enzyme Lab Report Paper

Enzyme Lab Report Introduction: Enzymes are proteins that enable chemical reactions. In the enzyme lab, the effects of concentration, temperature and pH on the functionality of the enzyme catalane. The enzyme lab was also about measuring reactions by capturing the oxygen that was generated by the reaction. Materials and Methods: Experiment I, 2, gamma; 3 Experiment 1 examined the effects of concentration on catalane activity.

Experiment 2 examined the effects Of concentration in temperature on catalane activity Experiment 3 examined the effects of pH on catalane activity The audiometer was filled with water and inserted into the beaker: the hose was then hooked to the nose of the audiometer to prevent slipping during the experiment. One of the concentration reactions was put into the flask and after a magnet. The spin was set to 700 RPM, and hydrogen peroxide was injected through a needle into the flask while spinning.

Timing began as soon as the hydrogen peroxide was inserted. Once nine millimeters was reached timing stopped. The reaction flask was cleaned after every run. Materials: Concentrations: 100%, 70%, 50%, & 30%; (l) audiometer, (1) Large beaker, (1) hose, (l) magnet, (l) flask. Pinned, (l) needle containing hydrogen peroxide, and water Results: Table I Concentration I Time taken to generate 9 ml of Oxygen I 100% 13. 5 seconds 70%1 16 seconds 50%1 24. Seconds 30%1 39_1 seconds Table 2 Temperature I Time taken to generate 9 ml Of Oxygen I Room Celsius | 9. 2 seconds I Warm Celsius 1 108. Seconds I Hot Celsius I No Reaction I Table 3 pH pH pH pH 10 pH 11 Enzyme denatured I 17 seconds 5 seconds 13. 5 seconds 15 seconds Discussion: In table 1 on experiment 1, 100% concentration was the most active and was the least active. The more enzymes-the quicker it attaches the fewer enzymes- the longer it takes for the oxygen chains.

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In table 2 for experiment 2, the temperature that the catalane was the least active was -75 because it was denatured. In table 3 for experiment 3, pH 2 denatured and the catalane was most active in pH 5. The results did match the expectations. Many things could have gone wrong, such as when spinning the magnet, it could have went different speeds every time it ran, the heat element could also have been on and oxygen could have escaped out of the flask. The lab procedure doesn’t need improvement, it is fine the way it is.

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