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Environmental Issues Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Environmental Issues

Clarke shows us a futuristic world with the outcomes of pollution. All of the pollution left addictive chemicals in the earth wiping out every human being. In this story Marvin looks at the earth with his father from the moon. His father told him Of the Armageddon, the global destruction, that took place on the earth because of all the pollution. Now they are In exile since they cannot return to the earth for centuries. The aerial spraying of crops kills pests. However, this practice also has harmful side effects.

In the essay, Asinine [email protected] Rachel Carson, the author, explains the dangers of pesticides. When the pesticides are sprayed onto the plants animals exposed to it or animals that eat the plant will most likely die. The workers who work on the fields have also been diagnosed with cancer. The children of the women workers are usually born with many health problems or don=t live at all. After some time life is swept away from the field and nothing will grow. ANON witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world.

The people had done it themselves. @ Rachel Carson wrote. Pollution damages the water, air and land. In TAT the residents of A. D. 2029″ by Bryan Woolly warns us of the dangers of pollution. We have had everything we needed for years-land, food, air, water, fuel-and thought that it would last forever. We have been wasteful of our natural resources and human life. Now years after our actions we=eve begun to realize that we are in trouble. Most of our waters are undrinkable because of all the filth pored into it.

The last wisps of pure oxygen were absorbed into our polluted atmosphere over Arizona. Our land is overcrowded and destroyed. All of those resources are disappearing forever. The writer has four wishes for us, first he wants us to remember our history so it won=t be repeated. Then he wants us to erase the dividing line between man and nature. He also wants us to be more appreciative toward beauty, music, poetry, art, and stories. Finally he wants us to have a sense of humor.

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Alfa a man ever stops laughing at himself, he can no longer endure life, nor will he have reason to. @ In conclusion, the environmental issues are eating up the earth. The more and more we abuse our earth the more it is bound to be destroyed. These articles changed my whole perspective of pollution. The smallest of things could help our earth, like not littering or conserving energy. Then after that you could move on to more complicated things like using public transportation. So get out there and help make a difference for a better future.

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