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Environment: Pollution and Overwhelming White Trash Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Save Environment

Wrote the letter! You do not protect the environment, so my green umbrella was seriously damaged, resulting in several northern China has been filled the sand attack, Inner Mongolia, Insignia, Shania and other provinces Fashioned, a serious dust storms; Southwest severe water shortage, caused by drought; drought does not ease, Shush and earthquakes, the plague of drought can be said again and again.

All, human beings have not pushed lack of responsibility! Earth mother asked me: “As students, you are busy every day, flat Fan to live, for our home care does contribute to the ring? I think the environmental thing is not only adults, but also our primary responsibilities and obligations. In fact, green homes, protect the ecological, not an unattainable feat. Action, just from ourselves! Action, bit by bit from the side of the little things!

I cannot stop people from deforestation, but I can save every piece of paper, you can take good care of flowers and trees; I cannot stop people from catching the rare animal, but I do not catch, do not eat all the animals under state protection; I cannot stop overwhelming white trash polluting the environment, but can do it using the bags into the city, reducing the number of plastic bags; I cannot stop people from throwing waste batteries pollute the environment, but I can, at home recycling of used batteries to the designated locations.

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I cannot do much to prevent damage to the environment, but can do quite a few things to protect the environment. I can start from small, start from everyday life, is able to do from the own start. Think if everyone does so, our living environment will reduce the number of pollution. For ourselves, for our common home – the earth, protect the environment should be a conscious action of each of us. Green, start from!

My dear friend, from now on, we use less, not plastic bags, garbage classification, and the little things of life now! “Events do not come, do not trivial,” does not help to solve environmental pollution problems; all hands, do not let a disaster once again come to our planet, do not let the earth planet into a black tears , let us create a green home and work!

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