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Enviromental Chemistry Paper

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High pH

Soils with a high pH are alkaline. To lower pH, add sulfur into the soil surrounding the existing plants or into new planting beds.
Low pH
A low pH means the soil is too acidic. To higher the pH you should add limestone to the soil and then mix it well.
Low nitrogen

This is a common problem in the soil. You are supposed to use synthetic or natural nitrogen rich fertilizers according to the rate suggested by the manufacturer.

High nitrogen
High nitrogen levels are usually the result of soils that have been over-fertilized. Water the soil well and stop adding fertilizer for several months.
STimulates algea growth, eutrophication. and massive fish kills.
Low phosphorus
Mix superphosphate or bone meal into your garden soil, making sure to mix these amendments into the soil thoroughly.
High phosphorous
This problem is usually caused by too much high-phosphate fertilizer. Do not use phosphorous-rich fertilizer for two years, and grow an abundance of plants to use up the excess.
High levels in groundwater can be dangerous to human health.
Low potassium
Work in potash or wood ashes. Avoid using wood ashes around acid-loving plants because these are alkaline and may diminish the growth of the plants.
High potassium
Add nitrogen and phosphorous to help balance the soil, but do not add potassium-rich fertilizers or soil amendments for two to three years.
No known ill effects
Poor drainage
Heavy clay soil tends to drain poorly. Thoroughly mix in peat moss, compost or other organic materials to help loosen the soil.
Too much drainage
Sandy soil drains too quickly to hold necessary nutrients. Add organic materials to remedy soil that drains too quickly, just as you would for poor drainage conditions.
Acidic Soil-
basic soil

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