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Entrapment: Nazi Propaganda Essay

Essay Topic:

The Discussion of Nazi Propaganda Towards Youth
Adolf Hitler is considered to be one of the most evil men throughout history.For the duration of the Third Reich, more than twelve million people perished.Hitler and his followers persecuted Jews, homosexuals, the gypsies, and the mentally and physically disabled.They died unfair and horrible deaths in gas chambers and concentration camps.For twelve years, this unspeakable and cruel victimization carried on in Germany.Neighbors turned against neighbors, homes and shops were destroyed, and millions of lives were exterminated.German children would report anyone including their own parents if they did not obey Hitler's orders.Boys that were only twelve years old would fight and die in battle for their beloved leader, Hitler.How did Hitler gain so much support especially from the youth of Germany?Why did he put so much emphasis on the development of the German youth?Did he really succeed in brainwashing millions of minds?
Hitler created propaganda in every form possible.From radio programs to films, the message to hate Jews and to obey Hitler was prevalent.Men, women, and especially children were lured into the evil and malicious world of Nazism.According to "The History Place" website, the Hitler Youth was the largest youth organization in history with a membership of 7.3 million children at its peak.Eighty-two percent of all of the eligible children and teenagers in Germany belonged to Hitler youth and were trained to become ruthless and emotionless soldiers ("History").To become successful, Hitler thought he needed the undivided The Nazi Party's powerful and influential propaganda lured young boys and girls into the murder and persecution of their fellow citizens, and the Hitler Youth organization became a machine that transformed the impressionable minds of the young Germans.
In order to understand how the Hitler Yout…

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