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Enlightenment Essay

Essay Topic:

Enlightenment's Faith in Human Progress
The intellectual movement that swept across Europe and its colonies in the mid and late 18th century is called Enlightenment.It is known as the "Age of Discovery", because many advance in both science and global exploration greatly expanded human knowledge and confidence.Not everyone had confidence in progressing, but for the most part those involved in the process of gaining human progress had no doubt that it would be successful. Many philosophers and mathematicians influenced Europe into following their knowledge leading to a reform.
Enlightenment's faith in human progress was structured so it could be successfully began for an upward march of progress. The philosophers perceived themselves as the forefront of the movement. They formed ideas as a community and debating over them making them into stronger thoughts.The people had to bind together forming a single idea propelling them forward in society.Much of the Enlightenment was based solely on faith.Other individuals had to believe or gain the respect of truth from philosophers and mathematicians that what they were bringing information out to the public.
Enlightenment's thinkers had different views on the idea of "progress".Progress could be anything that moved human life in a direction of gaining knowledge to improve society as a whole.Immanuel Kant had two ideas on progress, individual reason and individual freedom.Kant believed human beings should emerge from their "self-imposed immaturity" by using reasoning and the use of analytical thinking to pursue moral truth and progress.Kant's key to transformation was public discussion.What he means by that is to display your own thoughts on new happenings so that a community can get a round view.People in the community may be able to persuade those who disagree into agreeing was his approach.

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