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English settlement Essay

Essay Topic:

Farmers and debtors alike both came to America expecting the greatest land of all. However, once these people arrived, they realized America was a diseased, Indian infested place. On the contrary, America was full of land and freedom that no farmer or debtor could imagine. After life in America had been set up,different colonies started to break apart favoring their type of religion or political type. In the southern colonies, life was set up for farmers and women had better rights then women in the middle, and New England colonies. Middle colonies had a much different climate then the southern colonies and religion was much less strict- resulting in many different types of ethnic groups. New England was the center of much of the political battles throughout the set up of America and remained as colonies set for profit and religious freedom.The colonies set up across the Atlantic side of America was set up in very diverse ways and deferrer greatly among each other.
Southern colonies lived much different lives then those of the lives of the middle and New England colonies. All Southern colonies-except for Georgia- were for slavery and saw nothing wrong in the act of owning people. People who lived in the southern colonies were mainly all big time farmers who had medium to big size plantations. Very few towns were built in the southern colonies because everyone was so spread out because of their huge plantations. Women were treated well in the south, since in the south there wasn't much else a source of profit except for owning plantations and land was everything to them. So the southern colonies made a law stating that when women married they did not lose control of their land. This protected the women unlike women in the middle and New England colonies who lost their land once they married. Life in the south varied a lot compared to life in the Middle Colonies.
Middle colonies were composed of-New York, Pennsylvania, Rh…

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