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English Dominance of Colonial Settlements Essay

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By 1763, Great Britain had achieved dominance over the North American settlements it had colonized.These colonies had begun as scattered groups of settlers in the 1600’s.Regulation of trade, free government, and the eventual victory of the British in the French and Indian War led to Britain’s conquest of the American colonies. As Britain’s control of the colonies was gained French and Spanish control diminished.
One advantage English colonies had over other colonies was their diversity in goods. England’s goods included tobacco, indigo, rice, grain, flax seed, wool, iron, sugar, and many other things.Unlike Spain who were looking for wealth such as silver and gold or France who were only seeking cod and fur.The colonists supported themselves through the mother country, Great Britain.
What England wanted from America was a market for its woolen cloth and other manufactures and a source of supply for raw materials that it had to import from other countries.The colonists wanted a ready marked for the raw materials that they had to sell and a cheap source for the manufactures they had to buy.
It was mutually advantageous for the colonies to buy manufactures from the mother country and for the mother country to buy raw materials from the colonists.The British Empire in America was based on this compatibility of interests.Providing the colonists with trade stability increased England’s strength in America.
After England’s glorious revolution of 1688 and the collapse of the dominion of New England, the English government made no serious effort to tighten its control over the colonies for over 70 years.The British government remained uncertain about the extent to which it should interfere in colonial affairs; therefore, the colonists basically ruled themselves.Being colonies that where genuinely established to be lasting settlements, many people where drawn to the British colonies to live freely without…

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