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english colonies, north and so Essay

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English Colonies, North and South Miguel Fuentes
Chesapeake and New England were essentially settled by people from the same country, but the mind set of the two colonies were completely different. All left with the idea of starting a colony, but one was based on religion and prosperousness and the other was based on wealth and greed. As written by John Winthrope, rich, poor, powerful and weak, must work together as one man under god almighty. As he wrote in high spirits aboard the Arbella on the way to the new world.
The north seemed more prosperous and well mannered, the north was not afraid of Indians, and try to wage war, but tried to teach and aid the Indians in the teachings of their god. according to the list of emigrants to New England, families were embarking on the voyage to the new world, thus leading to the assumption that these people were going to try and start a colony to populate the new country. The people of the north were religious people and based their life, rules and morales on the teachings of the lord, as shown in the articles of agreement.
The south however was not based on such morales as their opposite counterparts, the north. As gathered from the documents it did not seem as if the south was trying to build a colony at all. According tom the list of emigrants to Virginia, men heavily out weighed women, thus it was hard to build families. When they reached Virginia they dug for gold all the time. These people were worked to death and not fed well as stated in document F. The south constantly waged war with the Indians, invaders such as the Dutch, and themselves.
Religion, moral, and greed are some of the words that could be used in contrasting the north and the south. Although they all came from England, they arrived in the new world completely different. They shared very little in common although they both survived, barely in the south's case, when they wee saved by the di

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