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English as a Second Language Paper

I love to create, design and construct. Ten years ago I decided to attend to Architectural School in Peru and become an architect as most of my family members are. It was the best decision I have ever made but it was something else there, it was my interest for travelling and know more about the rest of the world. As soon as I finished my career and hopeless of being successful on my path , I decided to go for the American dream , but again it was something it will make this dream even harder to achieve : I didn’t know how to speak the language . Ten years since then ,being a foreigner and with so many frustrations of not having completed yet my dream of being an Architect in AMERICA , I decided to go back to school to pursue my professional goals. The class of English 92 , will help me not just to learn properly English but also I consider is the first step to be successful in this country.
First of all , to my consideration the knowledge I have about English is very few but I am very confident of the few I know and very open to receive any corrections and criticism . I am a very persuasive learner. I educate myself learning English using tools such of tv, internet , radio and reading novels and books. I learned how to speak , read and hold conversations but my accent and my not very much extended vocabulary as long as my few grammar skills , can make my intent to express myself so much harder . Once I finished English 91 I would love to feel more confident on my English know lodgment which will make me sound and look more professional on my career path .
I worked really hard to finally be able to go back to school and complete my studies . I was and I still am a very persuasive person. If don’t know something I will investigate and use any tools to get what I’m looking for . Being in a class and interact with the computers at the same time , learning about the links and tutorials was unusual and somehow overwhelming , but I tried hard to adapt…

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