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England and Stalin Essay

Essay Topic:

Elizabethan England and Russia during Stalin
There are and have been many cultures upon this earth.There are cultures that might seem weird to us and cultures that look at us in wonderment.They have different lifestyles and whole different outlooks on life.Studying cultures is a work in itself.By studying and comparing other cultures, we can find out more about our culture and ourselves.Cultures contain different folkways.In the Random House Dictionary, folkways is defined as "the ways of living and acting in a human group, built up without conscious design but serving as compelling guides of conduct"(551).For example in our society we could define marriage folkways for LDS, and explain why it happens so early and also how the law of chastity plays a big part upon that.Elizabethan England is a culture full of folkways that might seem different to us, but explain to us a lot about our culture also.While Stalin was in control of Russia, the cultures there are hard for us to understand.It was much different from our culture now, and we can also learn a lot from them.Elizabethans refers to all those that lived in England during the time of Queen Elizabeth's reign.Stalinism defined Stalin's totalitarian control.
Elizabeth I lived from 1533-1603 .She was the daughter of King Henry VIII, and because of no males in the order she became queen in 1558.She reigned for 45 years (Adler 320).This was a time where they were making the change to become more modern, but still had the effects of the old society upon them.Stalin lived from 1879 -1953 (Adler p. 636).He lived in Russia during a time of great depression.The old government was struggling and looking for a new hope to guide them to have a better economy. This struggle to change is shown in a look at their folkways.I think if one compares Elizabethan England and Stalin's Russia'ssocial ways, marriage ways, and religiou…

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