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“Enduring Love” Review Paper

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Essay on “Enduring Love”

Love – is a magical, ethereal feeling that inspires and gives strength to live. We all used to think so. But every coin has two sides. That love can be unbearable.

You’ve probably already guessed that we will focus on the book Ian McEwan’s “Enduring Love.” This writer has got into such depths of the soul and consciousness, where others look downright scary. However, for him it is not surprising

Imagine a situation:. You witness the tragedy. Suddenly bumped hurricane, and in the sky, meanwhile, people traveled in a balloon. They were already on the landing, when the wind began to treat the aircraft. You have a chance to save people, though perhaps at the cost of his own life … What do you do? Probably silly to answer this question now. It will be clear only in a particular situation, like a book McEwan.

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But it is not so simple. Heroes let go the rope. He chose to live. They did not even know those people who are going to save. But on this earth he has a beloved wife, which he badly needed. Therefore, it is absolutely right with his hand. But why did it so painfully tormented conscience. Perhaps because one of those with whom he had fought together for the salvation of men in a balloon, was killed fighting for their lives? …

But McEwan does not draw the reader the image of the hero. First, this sacrifice was meaningless. People still survive and not because someone had died trying to save them. Secondly, at the very savior, too, is able to have different motives. Perhaps he did it because he was very kind and he, too, have children … But there is in fact another event option, as we learn in the future.

Suddenly, he was at this time in the company of a young lover and just wanted to show off, to show her what it bold. Then it is not heroism, but simply stupid.

All the characters in the book and their actions are not unambiguous. Profoundly reveals the psychology of people. For this I love the product McEwan. Even in such a wonderful feeling, like love, he saw the other side -. Destroy everything around

I have this book shocked. Last night I could not let it go until I finished reading the last page.

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