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Employment and People with disability Essay

Employment and People with disability

The article only focuses the need for employment access to persons with disabilities other physical disabilities. More attention is paid on those suffering from psychiatric disabilities like depression, schizophrenia, etc. The One-Stop Career Center system does not seem to cater for the needs of the physically disabled people. According to Orentlicher (2008), person-centered planning is considered a value-driven approach to services to individuals with disabilities. This approach is carried out under the philosophy of inclusion and normalization. This means that people with all manner of disabilities are legible for this program, not just those with emotional and psychiatric disabilities; this is discriminating.

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In conclusion, the problem of person-centered planning continues to hinder the growth and development of people with disabilities. This is because they are regarded as a nuisance and useless by most of the members of their communities. This notion has to stop because it characterizes stigma in society against people with disabilities. It is important to note that they, just like the rest of ‘normal’ people deserve equal opportunities in life. They should be treated with respect and consideration especially when it comes to the cooperate world in which they are not allowed.

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