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“Empire of Angels” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Empire of Angels”

What I did not like the book “Empire of Angels” and why other books I’m not going to read.

I have to say, I had to read about Werber better opinion. I even do not know why. In any case, the bias I have not. And sister sent me this book. If sent by someone else, I would have tossed in the second or third chapter. But I wanted to answer such a message. And the answer, do not read, they would be wrong. I had to read

Now, claims

It is a popular idea that all religions are one, all of them there, these gods -.. One and the same, and people fell out (to put it mildly) in general on the empty place. What Werber or someone else thinks so – it is their own business, we have freedom of conscience (which, by the way, at the time defended the Christians). So, if you think so, then so and write. There, they say, there are three (say, for some reason he believes that the three) some of the angel. But his idea is that people come up to them, these different names (such as the Apostle Paul, the Archangel Michael, Zeus, someone else). And write to you so. Path will you have three angels: Alfin, Bidin and Venigrin. Why did you write that it is the Archangel Michael? You do not you think? What it describes Werber – not the Archangel Michael. Why did he call him that?

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And, you know, Islam is somehow in paradise Werber reflect its not found. Although the idea implies that all – it is all about one religion. And not all about one thing, and Islam – a different story. But of course, this is understandable. In Europe, now a lot of violent followers of Mohammed. If something goes wrong – and can burn. Especially in Paris.

It turns out this nedoekumenizm. All understood everything, all are satisfied, and I was so over it was not anything.

The list of the “sins” leaves much to be … the burning of all books.

Then, this repeatedly recurring thoughts about rejection of free will. All fly away! Well, be weak-willed. Let circumstances decide everything for you, do not resist, and (God forbid you!) Do not make an independent choice. No, no, I do not. Stock up on a couple of good best dream book, but thicker. Look for the signs (which means – to sense their surroundings as you are comfortable at the moment). In general, the best your friends – pot and TV. If what is written in plain text: pot and TV

Then the so-called. “Uninteresting life,” No, but we, the readers of genius Werber, do not belong in this class. We have something in the course. In general, there is life “uninteresting”. They are – the material. The by-products of human production. Nothing reminds ..

The fact that the family – a kind of prison, and its decay – this happy opportunity to send you over, and you’re a fool does not understand – it does not want to comment. It’s just disgusting.

Now for the “original” structure. On the “Encyclopedia”. There is already a clear manipulation (election commissions this and never dreamed of!) Here you retseptik immediately you some statistical data (which is theoretically possible as to check, but there will not be nobody to check – it’s statistics that check here), then you are quite reasonable good old truth (which allegedly justified the book), and immediately you the calculations coming personally from the author. That is, under the guise of (sauce) and objective information is not in doubt (which is the same name in her chapters) expressed absolute fantasy, which in the event-part piece. This is clearly unfair. Dishonest book you do not want to read just for that.

Now that is why I say all this seriously. The reason for this part of the statement of opinion that the world offered in the “Angels”, was for someone almost lodestar. Session revelations must have at least in this form, as my confused claims. Any reader anyway, perceives and digests in some form leaves a Read information (from “Yes,” to “no, not at all”). And the specific source and even forgotten, and the idea of ​​giving up free will, for example, will remain in the head.

Ps. “It is a pity the crucified Christ” (Vladimir Vysotsky)

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