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Emily Dickinson Fame Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Emily Dickinson

The article Why Adopters Need To Find Their Biological Parents by Stephen Fetched is about finding closure between an adopted and their biological parents. At the age of forty Botcher’s adopted parents had already passed away and after waiting so long, he wanted to find his biological parents. Because he did not receive any medical records, he has a fear of dropping dead at any moment, which Is why he wanted to see his biological parents to get them. Fetched having a daughter, finds It difficult to claim her as his own. Fetched writes about how adopted people sometimes feel like hey don’t belong.

He also writes about how adopters have the idea that they should be financially stable just in case they get put up for adoption again. Fetched does find closure with his biological mother, but once he gets what he wanted he believed the relationship wore out, and did what any adopted kid would do, disappear. I agree with most of the points that Fetched made, but I’m not adopted so I can’t completely understand the point of view of a adopted. If I was adopted I would like at some point In my life have a chance to see my biological parents, especially If they ad my medical records.

Emily Dickinson Fame

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I can understand how an adopted could feel Like they don’t belong because since day one their parents chose not to keep them. I could also understand how It would be hard for an adopted to accept their own children as their own since their parents did not accept them into their lives. I don’t agree with adopter’s leaving their parents after they’ve meet them. Just because the parents left the children doesn’t mean they should do the same because at the end of the day they’re still their parents.

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