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Emergency Management: The Chinese Experience Paper

Emergency Management: The Chinese Experience

            Countries all over the globe had experienced several destructive calamities. The advent of modern and sophisticated technologies brings forth changes in the environment which resulted to the alteration of weather conditions. We have heard about destructive typhoons, hurricanes and earthquakes happening throughout the world and these calamities are products of man’s continuous modification of the earth. Activities of human had been responsible for such destructions therefore; it is also their responsibility to act and take actions to deal and be prepared upon the occurrence of these. Thus, the need for thorough implementation of emergency management is essential.

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            Recently, the world was shocked by the devastating earthquake that happened in Sichuan, China. It was reported that ‘more than five million people were left homeless’ and a significant number of lives had been taken. The International Federation of Red Cross Crescent Societies was reported to contribute and send around 100, 000 tents to China “to provide the urgent need for emergency shelter.” These temporary shelters would eventually help the homeless to have a dry place to live in until stable infrastructures are built. Medical personnel as well as some medical aids were also sent in the said country by the German Red Cross. Such move of Red Cross reflected two of the processes of emergency management that is, preparedness and response. While the first process, which is mitigation is said to be lacking in the situation, the two reflected processes are essential in dealing with such unavoidable calamity. Availability of funds for the different tragedies would offer a big help to the victims. Collaboration from different organizations throughout the world which aids in providing funds and other needs to the Chinese victims reflects the idea that efficient emergency management strategies are still alive and being implemented.

            In the news article, it was also stated that “additional international disaster relief workers were sent to the affected areas and looked into the needs for logistics, shelter and longer term recovery. Relief goods coming from various countries and organizations are also being provided on a daily basis. To be prepared in lending help or cure to victims of calamities is indeed remarkable but it would be better if such calamities are being mitigated. Mitigation is the first and most important process in emergency management. Although it can be argued that earthquake as a calamity is unavoidable and is dictated by nature, the government as well as the emergency management team should have taken enough effort to somehow lessen the destruction. Knowing the fact that almost all countries are faced by deadly calamities (and no one is said to be exempted), safety measures and preparedness should be thoroughly implemented in every household. Information campaigns should be conducted. People should not undermine the harm of these calamities and take into account that they could eventually experienced these. Participation of every household is also essential. We should always remember that “prevention is always better than cure.”

            Victims of the disastrous earthquakes would also carry certain burdens due to lost of properties and love ones. As an answer, the Red Cross volunteers had provided their support in logistics and counseling. This action of the Red Cross volunteers is essential to somehow lower the burden of the victims. Furthermore, this action is the last part of the emergency management process. While the reconstruction of ruined houses and buildings are also part of the recovery process, this is said to be accomplish in a much longer period. However, thorough planning for this reconstruction should be done in order to rebuild the broken pieces of the community in a manner that people who would reside there would be more likely to move on. The trauma of the past should not be rekindled in the reconstructed community but instead should bring forth the society’s dynamism. The experienced of the Chinese people in dealing with the deadly earthquake should serve as an instrument to awaken the world that the place we are leaving in today is faced with several threats. People’s activities are to be blame for these threats. However, continuous blaming and blaming would not bring any good. We should act and make strategic plans to be prepared in whatever emergency that the future would bring.


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