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Ellis Island Essay

There is a small island on the New York Harbor that has witnessed over twelve million immigrants pass by its doors from 1892 to 1954; the golden portal is called Ellis Island. I went to see this museum on Wednesday, November 26, 2004 and I loved it. As soon as I walked in the Museum I felt as if I had walked into another time, the foyer is huge and I tried to imagine myself as an immigrant seeing all this for thefirst time and it was intimidating. People came from many lands; there were Bantu, Chinese, Germans, Irish, Italians, Jews, Mexicans, Palestinians, Poles, Russians, Vietnamese, etc. Countless of Americans are descendants from these waves of immigrants. On the main floor you also the see Baggage Room that was restored to resemble the baggage from the period. When I stepped into the Registry Room I was in awe. Here was the focal point for the newcomers because they were question in the same are that I was standing in. This was where they were given permission to enter the land or denied access.
Ellis Island was originally known to the Native American as Kioshk, or gull Island, because those birds were its only inhabitants. The Dutch then purchased the island and called it "Little Oyster Island" because of the delectable oysters found in its bay. The Island was then referred to as Gibbet Island because they would hang criminals on "gibbets" or gallows trees. Then Samuel Ellis was given ownership about the time of the American Revolution, he died in 1794 and in that same year the city began to fear British attacks so they built a defense on Ellis Island. I was briefly talking to a tour guide and she informed me that to the immigrants Ellis Island looked like a gracious haven on the outside but on the inside it was a place of cruelty and corruption. Newcomers were sold tickets at inflated prices and the seller would then pocket the money, pretty young girls were given passes by conductors on…

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