Elizabeth Movie Review

The film Elizabeth, released in 1998, tells the story of the Queen of England known as the "Virgin Queen".Queen Elizabeth was the half sister of the dead Queen Mary Tudor for whom she took the throne.Although the movie told the basic story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, there were many different historical inaccuracies that are shown throughout the film.A few of these inaccuracies that are shown in this film are the way the queen carries herself as a politician, the way that she is courted by different royalties from different countries, and even in the way the Queen is dressed throughout the movie.

As a young politician, the Queen is shown throughout the movie in a way that portrayed her as being very timid and almost very inexperienced. She is shown during herfirst scene as Queen of England biting her lip unsure of what decisions to make. The truth is quite far from the way the movie depicts her.

She was brought up during the reign of her father Henry VIII.As a young princess, Elizabeth was enrolled in schools with the finest teachers in the land.Her professors taught her all of the subjects that a politician would need to know.She would have been very prepared for what she encountered as the new Queen of England.
Early European monarchies often intermarried with other monarchies to establish different alliances.This practice was very popular during the time of Queen Elizabeth I.Usually Kings and Queens married off their daughters to other sons of monarchs.

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Throughout the movie you see how France and Spain try to court Queen Elizabeth.The fact that she was courted was very true.But the time as which it happened was very false.Throughout the movie she is shown as a young Queen in her mid-twenties.When she was actually courted she was much older.She was in her forties before she was courted by any country.The way she was courted was much different too.In the f

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