By conducting an Interview with Manager of Company The use of the Internet http://www. Cow. Com The data collected was carefully manipulated and arranged in the order requested. Information was recorded from the business and pictures were taken from the site. Engineers Sales Environment Managerial Finance Accounting Communications Human Resources Flow Chart Showing Career Opportunities and their responsibilities Our working hours are: 7. AMA to 4. Pm and 8. AMA to 4. Pm Monday to Thursday 7. AMA to 3. Pm and 8. AMA to 3. Pm on Fridays The Issuing of Receipts Signing of Contracts

Special Promotions LIME is governed by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (.

NET). In order to have any special promotions they must consult with the .NET, permission is granted if the .NET agrees. Example: Rates they either reduce or Increase them. There is a dress code and all employees are expected to adhere to this policy when wearing the uniforms provided by the company. Protective gears are provided to their technicians and field staff which forms part of their uniforms ( overalls, goggles, safety belts, safety boots, helmets) etc.

In case of power shorts there are: Generators which come on automatically, UPS and Battery backup systems. Technology processes become easier or simplified, employees are constantly being trained, customers are happier a more developed work force, training of employees in other areas of business. With the improvement in technology and simplifying of processes can lead to a decrease in the number of employees. Therefore having a negative impact on people who do not have any technical skills.

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So the impact of technology can be Negative and Positive.

A nation that is technologically advanced can become a more productive nation, in hat, it can produce more, research becomes easier, more Jobs may be created as new industries are created. College and university students in the Caribbean have better access to resources and courses because the region is now linked up to the ‘academic internet’ connecting further education institutions across the world. In addition to increasing learning opportunities, the [email protected] broadband network we created will also improve research in the Caribbean, with academics now able to more easily interact and share data with other experts in their field.

Security Cameras Alarm Systems Monitoring Systems GAPS Tracking Electronic Security Access Security Guards LIME is committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our environmental impact as part of our goal of developing a sustainable business. This company work to promote environmental care and awareness with emphasis on the need to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste production. These include the following; Safe disposal of waste Use of backup generators when their are power outages

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