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Electronic Media Essay

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ELECTRONIC MEDIA AND PRINT MEDIA INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC MEDIA This is a type of MASS MEDIA which uses ELECTRONIC Energy in the user end. The most familiar electronic media includes video recording, audio recording, multimedia presentations, slide presentations, CD ROM’S and online contents. Also, recorded broadcasting in television, radio, telephone etc. could be considered as electronic media. THE BASIC USES OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA Electronic Media is probably the most diversified subject of study which is used in many areas including JOURNALISM:

Journalism is a field which uses electronic media for broadcasting current events. Journalism is one of the best ways in which people get to know various factors including stock market, price rise and various other economic and social factors. ADVERTISING: Advertisers use electronic media as a source to reach out to people for buying their products. They use televisions, radios and websites to get noticed. Advertisers use various techniques to attract the consumers. EDUCATION: In education sector, various multimedia and slide presentation (A primary electronic media source) is used.

The sole aim of such presentations is to create certain expertise among students in the desired field of education. The presentations are simple and easy to understand, the pictorial representation could enhance the understanding level. FINE ARTS: “A picture is worth a thousand words” and that rightly reflects in an arena like fine arts, which could be put be put to greater use by including audio and various other background scores which will make it have a broader scope. BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS: One fails to understand the use of electronic media if business presentation is not a part of it.

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Several production and service oriented organisation use electronic media as their main tool to train their employees. They make sure the employees understand the organisational goals and their requisites. ENTERTAINMENT: As this is probably the most basic need of any human being, electronic media acts as a boon by providing us movies, video games etc. There are various other users of electronic media like government sectors, military and NGO’s. BOON OR BANE: The never ending question to which no one will ever have an answer, it’s always debatable and depends on each one’s perspective.

As cliched as it may sound, there are two sides to a coin and definitely this topic of discussion has definitely, it’s good and it’s bad. Its positives are many to list out but the most important one is that, it reaches out to people at a rapid speed. The internet, television and radio spread news like fire. Anything happening around the world is known within seconds. For instance, there is an earthquake in remotest part of the world and our friends/relatives live there, we get to know about it within matters of seconds.

At heights of boredom movies, games and internet entertain us. It has become an essential part of anyone’s life. People can’t survive without it. Better products with lower price and high quality can be bought only because it’s broadcasted. If it was not, we would have been sticking to what we used. So media helps in improving the quality of our lives. Our lives have eased out due to several factors like online payment and even buying/selling products/goods online. Internet has being a boon for communicating with loved ones throughout the globe at economical rates.

There are numerous articles and various help services online. The negative side, which can’t be left out of course, is that the entertainment side of it like TV, internet and gaming could become a bad addiction after a point of time which could lead to several health problems and also divert a person from his/her responsibilities. There could be a situation where entertainment could be on top of priority list and the duties could take a backseat. Also internet could lead to false sense of social connection like talking to total strangers who could be dangerous.

Anti-social organisations create havoc in the world, having the easy accessibility to the world and due to a powerful tool like electronic media. People should be clearly made aware of the dangerous involved. There have been misuses in form of bank debit cards, personal mail addresses etc. To avoid those people should be precautious. They should not let out their passwords and personal details to anyone. Kids should be restricted from viewing certain contents in websites. Also care should be taken to ensure that kids do not sit in front of television and internet too much.

A CAREER IN ELECTRONIC MEDIA: A career in electronic media means being creative and thinking out of the box. The young generation has a fancy for electronic media as it is regarded as a glamorous field. As technology is improving and getting updated every day there are plenty of opportunities in field of electronic media and there is satisfying source of income. Many companies are in continuous need of quality professional from the field of electronic media. The want for people of the technical section is in greater demand and has better prospect.

There are various colleges offering this course. A course in journalism or literature is good enough for a career in electronic media. Anyone can freelance irrespective of their educational qualification provided they have creativity. The job atmosphere is wonderful but could be inconvenient for girls as the timings could be not very convenient. INTRODUCTION TO PRINT MEDIA Print media is a way of reaching out to people by using paper written work. The print media includes newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, books and even leaflets and pamphlets.

Visual media like photography can also be mentioned under this sub-head, since photography is an important mass media, which communicates via visual representations. Although, it is said that the electronic or new media have replaced the print media, there exists a majority of audiences who prefer the print media for various communication purposes. Public speaking and event organizing can also be considered as a form of mass media. EXAMPLES OF PRINT MEDIA IN DETAIL NEWSPAPERS: Any current happenings throughout the world are known by newspapers. They are the best way to reach to rural masses that do not have any access to elevision and radios. MAGAZINES: Magazines make people aware of everything from clothes to politics. There are dedicated magazines for health, fashion, politics and even cars and bikes. BOOKS: They are a source of the best entertainment for people. The hugest advantage of books is that they inspire people and as well they don’t cause any kind of illness (such as eye defects and the likes). It helps people become more aware of the pre historical culture etc. BROCHURES: The biggest boon for avid travellers is brochures. They are those guidelines for what to do & what not to do at a place and also where to visit.

Brochures are given in hospitals too, for general health advice ADVANTAGES OF PRINT MEDIA: The advantages of print media are more than its disadvantages. The utmost important is that there are loyal readers for print media and that paves way for advertising. Also if a particular area is in target it is more rational to advertise in newspapers rather than internet. DISADVANTAGES OF PRINT MEDIA: If a major disadvantage has to be brought into consideration then it would be the fact that the current happenings would not reach everyone at a rapid speed.

For example, there is a bomb blast and in that case people have to wait till next morning till the news is known. In television or the internet, the news is known at a rapid pace. A CAREER IN PRINT MEDIA: Print media is still the strongest and most influential source of news all over the world. Newspapers, journals and magazines are read and appreciated by a lot of people. And it seems that print media is not going to spare its position to audio, audio visual or new media in near future. Hence, a career in print media is not only attractive, but secured too. Many people believe that you need to be a journalist to enter into print media.

That’s not the fact. There are many career options in print industry. You will be overwhelmed to see the list of opportunities available in print media. People can take up jobs from being a reporter to freelance writers. Hence, there are thousand reasons to be interested in print media jobs. People, who are not word-savvy, can still build up a career in print media. Newspaper production requires technical people to operate multicolour newspaper printing machines, repair machine parts. Most newspaper company’s use offset printing machines and they hire professional offset machine operators to ensure smooth and flawless production.

There are institutes that train people on how to handle newspaper production. A degree in printing technology or prior experience of working in printing industry might help you crack print media jobs in the production. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ELECTRONIC MEDIA AND PRINT MEDIA Print media is challenged by its counterpart electronic media. Print media is capable of providing better localized news that may interest city residents. Also print media lets people store news which may be referred to in the future. Print media is a great way of advertising compared to electronic media. Real estate agents, educational institutions, travel agents etc. refer to advertise in newspapers as it gives a better impact. Electronic media lets people know the news immediately. Electronic media reaches out to people who are illiterate also. The standard of television news is deteriorating much when compared to print media. Intense competition between both leads to lot of speculative news being spread. CONCLUSION: Electronic media and print media have been played an immensely huge role in our lives and they have become an integrated part of our lives and let’s face it, there is no room for survival without the entertainment, information and many other things they provide.

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