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Electrochemisty Lab Report Paper

Reverse ring to original spots Observations Q-vita did you observe when you hooked up the nickel strips to the battery? A- the copper from the solution coated one of the nickel strips Q-what happened when you reversed the flow of electricity? A-the copper from one strip was removed and then the other nickel strip got coated in copper from the solution Q-where does the copper come from that ends up on the nickel strips?

A-the copper that ended up on the nickel strips was extracted from the copper sulfate solution when hooked up to the battery Q hat is in the copper sulfate solution? A-the copper sulfate solution is made up of copper and sulfate Q-write a short paragraph explaining observations A-When an electric current passed through the copper sulfate solution, the copper from the solution was extracted and the coated one of the nickel strips. When the clips were reversed, the copper from one of the nickels strips was removed and the copper then was coated on the other nickel strip.

Q-what is the main difference between copper atoms and copper ions? A-the main difference between copper atoms and copper ions are that copper atoms don’t have a charge but copper ions do In this lab we attempted to use electrochemically to extract metals from ionic compounds in solution. In order to extract metal from a solution, we had to use electrochemically. To get the copper out of the solution, we used a battery to get an electric current to go through the solution and cause an electron transfer.

Because the copper is a action and the nickel plates had a negative charge when he electricity was flowing, the copper was attracted to the nickel plates and therefore the copper became neutral. We can conclude that the copper gained 2 electrons because the copper was separated trot the copper sulfate solution and then coated one of the nickel strips, An error that could occur would be that the battery wasn’t charged and then the copper wouldn’t be able to be extracted from the solutions because there would be no electron transfer. The electrons need to be exposed to an electron current to be able to move.

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