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Egypt; Ancient Intro Essay

The Arab Republic of Egypt Year Book 1997 brings to light, in facts, figures and photographs the achievements made in Egypt during the year.
In this edition, a new chapter on the national super-projects has been introduced. While presenting such projects, we would like to affirm that Egyptians, historically known as the builders of the world’s oldest civilization are now in the process of self rejuvenation.
In the past the response by ancient Egyptians to the challenge posed by a fluvian environment flanked by and deserts gave rise to the great and pioneering ancient Egyptain civilization. Once again Egyptians accept the challenge of progress by adopting a scientific methodology to build a new civilization. To this end, account is tak- en of the need to face the future with a daring spirit and an open mind, by expanding Egypt’s inhabited area, which has remained for thousands of years mostly confined to that inherited since the dawn of history, covering only a narrow tract of Egyptian territory.
The early signs of response heralding a new awakening and a fresh civilization in which Egypt embarks on the future with a progress oriented spirit that accepts all challenges, are reflected in the changes now taking place in several sites over a vast area of Egypt, which have been long marginalized. The Egyptians of today are seeking to transplant a new civilization in the form of a firmly grounded rich sapling replenished by long, deep-rooted experience and an unwavering will, fully aware of their way toward a pre- determined, definite goal i.e, progress through science guided developmnet.
For decades, studies and information on development requirements, including surveys and studies of soil, water, energy, communications and transport in the fields of agriculture industry, nfining and tourism have accumulated. Such studies constitute the source of information on which the new super-projects in Toshka, Souther

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