Crime Prevention Essay

The government are using situational crime prevention as a means of reducing the impact of crime on society. I am going to examine the effectiveness of SCP. Situational Crime Prevention departs from mainstream criminology in that it focuses on the importance of the opportunity for crime to occur, the settings for crime, rather than upon those committing the crimes, preventing the occurrence of crime, rather than on detecting and punishing offenders.

According to Item A, situational crime prevention involves in the immediate situation in which crime takes place to reduce its likelihood or seriousness.

This involves coming up with theories that could be put into practice to reduce the attractiveness of a particular crime, for example using more CCTV and security guards in shops, have anti climbing paint on walls, have a neighbourhood watch areas etc.

One of the main crime in society today is shop lifting, situational crime prevention as a means of reducing the impact on society today use blue inked tagged on clothes stores, this tags are put on clothes and when some one is trying to come out the shop without paying normally it will make a noise that way the shop assistants will know that the person hasn’t paid, or if the do try to come out of the shop there is a tag that is difficult to take off, even the person does manage to take of the tag it will leave a blue stain on the piece of clothing.

Essay Crime Prevention

This has helped this type of crime reduce however there are still shops lifting going on and there are devises that people can have in order to take of the tag without any problems.

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Most shops now have guards standing at the door to check for any mysterious behaviour in people, which they have the right to stop any one if they think they could have shop lifted.

Burglary in ones house is another form of crime and it is still common now, even celebrities get burgled, situational crime prevention have thought of having neighbour watch areas, where people in the neighbour hood sign up to watch over their area to make sure that there is nothing suspicious is going on, and anything does go on gets reported, having the sign neighbour watch area has reduced burglary as well as other crimes such as littering and fights on the street however this still goes on.

As many neighbours fail to report such crime due to the fact that they are afraid or never look out for any suspicions because they are not aware of the environment as they have other issues to worry about. Also most burglars rob houses in the middle of the night when the neighbours are a sleep. We know by law prostitution is illegal and is classed as a criminal if convicted. Making it illegal is one way of preventing such crime however people are still doing this in most parts of the country.

Situational crime prevention have also allocated red areas so at times polices will patrol in these areas which they think prostitution is common. On the other hand people say that they are nit the suspect instead they are the victim. And should not be fined or jailed for being the victim, as most women or men get caught into this act because of money or family problems, there should be support for these people and more education. In conclusion, situational crime prevention, has helped reduce crime and made areas less attractive for the suspect, however this does not stop crime altogether.

The best crime prevention that most people agree with is CCTV cameras, as being caught on camera is solid evidence in court and suspects are less likely to do crime when there is a camera in view. However, having CCTV camera violates people’s privacy and their freedom. The question of having CCTV cameras everywhere is up to debate. There are many situational crime prevention that have worked but as everything else there are also down points.

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