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Effectiveness Of The Health Outcome Paper

To be able to effectively measure the health outcome in Canada, one has to compare Canada and 16 other developed Nations. The report card indicator that is used should include outcomes of the following: life expectancy, health status, premature death, circulatory disease deaths, heart disease deaths, respiratory disease deaths, diabetes deaths, musculoskeletal system deaths, mental disease deaths and infant mortality.

Once all this indicators are measured, Canada gets a B grade and ranks it below countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Italy and Norway and one is left to wonder the reasons why and it goes back to the same reasons that have to do with the quality of the healthcare, that although the healthcare is free the quality is not at par with these other nations. Does Canada Support Research and Innovation? Health research is important in the Canadian government. The government understands that good research and innovation on health care will help prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

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Research brings about development in drug therapies, medical equipment and new ways to deliver health services. The federal government funds its programs through university research, hospital research, government institutions and other private institutions. The government in 2003 allocated $ 900 million to support health research in Canada. The government also set aside another 55 million for the Canadian Institute of Health research to enable the organization to continue its research efforts.

The government also allocates about $ 25 million in training health professionals. Research into more effective drugs is conducted and the Canadian government allocates funds into this program. In order for the health care system to be of high quality, skilled professionals need to be hired and ensuring a good supply of skilled professionals, the government’s focus and a budget is allocated to research information on the supply and demand of skilled professionals.

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