Globalization is the business trend now. Northeast mentioned that Management was created as a way to reduce chaos in organizations, to make them run more effectively and efficiently (Northeast,201 3). Since multicultural environment increases more and more in business, the key for the way of effective managing would be quite challenging for leaders in diverse work settings. Worked ATA Korean culture based preschool for 3 years. All the teachers and director were Korean. They studied and worked in Korea before they came to U.

S. The Director had long work experiences in Korea. On the other hand, I went to school in U. S. And worked with Americans. When I started work at the preschool, had a hard time adjusting to the way the director interacted with the employees. I found out that managing and leading style of directors are very normal in Korea. Accepted the fact that the cultural differences make up huge difference. I agree with many things that the authors wrote comparing with western culture with some of Asian culture.

The main advantage would be that managers who understand the research can be respected by followers. When there is a conflict, it is easier to communicate and discuss the problem because the manager knows where the origins of certain conflicts may be coming from. If company needs to create solution for the business plan then diverse workers can put their ideas together and work as a team to see in positive way. These might be the advantages for future business success of a manager who understands the cultural differences.

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