Effects Of Workaholism

The following sample essay on “Effects Of Workaholism”: tells about the effect of Workaholism.

If you’re addicted to checking your email and regularly work through evenings, weekends and vacations, you might be a workaholic , and your health may be suffering because of it. Recent research done by the Kansas State University study, found that well-being is generally not a priority for workaholic. Workaholic will effects the family ,social life and health of who that addicted to workaholic. First and foremost, workaholics adversely affect their families.

They will have weak communication with other family member.

This can make the relationship in the amily stressful and likely collapse anytime. In addition , they have little help with housework because of focusing on thier work so the family will be in disorder and cause uncomfortable feeling. Besides that, the children have development incompletely about body and spirit, they need taking care more from others, especially their parent while the workaholics lifestyle gain much time and the parent will have no time to care about their son.

As a result, their kid may be naughty, lazy or their ability will not develop and their future will be influenced very much.

Secondly, workaholic can have numerous effects on their social lives. When people addict to work, they will have no attention to other thing around them. They are losing relationship among their relatives and friends and partners. Therefore, they will face many difficulties in life because they have no help from others. Furthermore , in society, they also have few friend because of little communication with people in society.

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They concentrate on their work and dont take part in some social activities or make friends together. This will cause their spirit poor , unhappy nd bored.

The additional problem of workaholics style is some influences on their own health. When they work too much, they will not avoid stress and some diseases like headache, stomachache or some serious professional diseases that take much time to treat. According to the report of health condition of worker publish by the organization of ones, there are about 90 percent of employees who is working hard suffering from the diseases like headache , feeling dizzy or stressful. Moreover , they can have inefficient performance at work because of these diseases.

For instance, when you study many subjects, you cannot understand thoroughly each subject. It is similar to the workahilic, they do much work and cannot have an efficient presentation at their Job. In short, workaholism has many unhelpful effects on families, social and health. We must have suitable schedules in work and rest to keep equilibrium of our body and mind to stay away from this negative lifestyle. If workaholic can be cured, it is the best for their families and surrounding people.

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Effects Of Workaholism
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