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Effect of textbooks in history Essay

Essay Topic:

In explaining American history from the beginnings of the nation to the Progressive Era, textbooks promote patriotism at the expense of other nationalities and attempt to cover the everlasting racism within the nation. Unfortunately, they continue to take the same approach while explaining events from 1920 to the present. Indeed, textbooks fuel the irrational amount of nationalism Americans hold while not revealing America’s faults throughout its history. Additionally, since 1920, American involvement across the globe has expanded and has attempted to exploit nations, whether it is for political or economic benefits. However, in their typical approach, textbooks do not provide the true motive of America, but rather state America is attempting to help nations develop into democratic nations. Although America has had proud moments such as the civil rights movement and positive immigration legislation, textbooks also have the responsibility of presenting America’s faults such as their shortcomings in curtailing racism and their true motives behind the legislation passed and foreign involvement in the past century.

In explaining America’s foreign involvement during the 1920’s, textbooks fail to mention America’s true motive in expanding its “empire” which is evident through their involvement in the Hawaii and Cuba. For example, in Hawaii, textbooks argue Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown because they aimed to create a constitution that would increase the monarch’s power. However, textbooks fail to elaborate the constitution would have diminished the influence of American sugar planters in Hawaii. Essentially, Queen Liliuokalani wanted to protect her Hawaiian citizens from foreign American sugar planters who wanted to exploit their land. Nevertheless, a coup was arranged where Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown and Hawaii was eventually annexed (lecture, October 21). America’s involvement in Hawaii was not to prevent an inc…

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