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Education Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Preschool Education

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Margaret Haley offered several reasons for teachers to organize into a union. What describes her idea?
Improve working conditions in schools, offer teachers long term job security, and reduce the factory like work of teaching. 

Both teachers unions agree that salary changes that result in performance based pay is a collective bargaining issue. 


True or False??

Public education has been asked to solve many problems. What are the social goals of education?
Educate children of social problems, such as drinking and drug abuse, promote healthy living, and teach values that improve society.
Accoring to Joel Spring, a teachers average hours per work week are…..
According to the NCLB, a teacher is “highly qualified” if they….. 
are a content area expert, holds a state teaching certificate, and has a BA or more.
Why did Jefferson propose his Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge, 1779?
to safeguard against tyranny by illumuniating the minds of people at the large, and to prevent native americans from being educated.
In addition to advocating for female seminaries and teaching as a female profession, Catharine Beecher also promoted the idea of including these subjects into education…..
Physical education and music education
Do teachers have freedom of speech within their classroom??
Must teachers stand and recite the pledge?
No (false)
If school are public goods, what do they serve?
Public at large 
What is the purpose of schooling?
Prepare workers for global economy and educate citizens for democracy.
Out of the articles we read in class, one author states that good teaching come from…
identity and integrity
In Jeffersons Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge, he proposed that all children should have free education up until what grade?
Teacher training schools were originally called…
Normal Schools
In a democracy such as the US, one of the political goals involves creating a meritocratic society. How does meritocracy work and not work?
Education of this sort allows people to have equal chance to move up the SES ladder, and schools are inherently unequal and those without money offer less opportunity to students.
One political goal of schooling is…..
educate citizens to participate in the government
Do students in public schools have the right to freedom of speech under all circumstances?
Identify 3 items Horace Mann contributed to the modern school… 
standardized books, blackboards, and uniform chairs and desks
Who always brought up industrialism in the school?            (didnt like it)
Margaret Haley
What is the primary economic goal of schools?
Create workers for the global economy

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Margaret Haley was the cofounder of the NEA 

True or False

Why did Catharine Beecher think that women would be good teachers?
Men had more important business to attend, and women had materialist instincts that made them good teachers.

Horace Mann that society was “doomed to political strife and chaos” if students were not instilled with a set of political beliefs about the greatness of the US.

(true or false)

Can teachers be dismissed from their job because they publicly criticized the school in which they worked?
What percentage of highly qualified teachers teach core-subject (math & reading) classes in low poverty schools?
Are teachers liable for monetary damages if students are injured if due care is not exercised?
Are teachers unions collective bargaining units?
What was the average public school teachers salary in 2010?
For people 25 years and older in 2006 what would the mean earnings be for someone with a bachelors degree?
Where are most of the high poverty secondary schools located?

In the “high stakes testing model” everyone is taught the same things, takes the same tests, but do not have the same chance to demonstrate what they have learned.

(true or false)

In the common school model of educational opportunity, the key feature is…..
all social classes come together in order to have equal chances at competing in the job market.
What is cultural capital?
what some people know that other people dont 

Becker and Heckman agree that human capital is the value invested in people that make them more productive.   BUT

What do they disagree about????

early investments in people,like pre-school, help develop later skills and employability. 

IQ tests assume that cultural, SES and environmental factors influence intelligence?? 

(true or false)

The earning power of black men with advanced degrees is what percent of that of white men with the same degree?

Tracking and ability grouping promote educational attainment?

(True or False)


The richest 2% of adults owned 50% of the worlds total assets in 2006?

(True or False)


Unequal schooling reproduces the social divison of labor. This is social reproduction?

(True or False)

What is considered “middle class values”?
Speaking up, looking people in the eye
Where are most high poverty elem. schools located?
In the US, with every $1 men earn, women earn…
77 cents

In the “sorting machine” model, students are tested and sorted into ability groups or “tracked” by school administrators, teachers, and counselors?

(True or False)

What Supreme Court decision ended prayer in school?
Engle v. Vitale 
Being “at risk” means what?
living in poverty, having one parent in the home, and changing schools 2 or more times between grades 1 & 8.
What is the primary economic goal of schools?
Educating students to compete in the global economy.

The supreme court ruling in Board of Education of Independent School Dist. Number 92 of Pottawatomie County et al v. Earls et al provides that students in schools are in the “temporary custody of the state” and therefore requiring students to give urine samples is not an invasion of their privacy. 

(True or False) 

What is human capital?
values invested in people that will make them more productive.
The majority of poor people in the US live in…
rural areas
For people 25 and older in 2006, what is the mean earning   for someone who only has a high school diploma?
What is social capital?
qualities that reside in relationships between people and networks of people
Name 2 modern social goals of education
nutrition and health, crime reduction

The NCLB Act of 2001 is a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

(True or False)

What does equal opportunity mean?
Everyone has an equal chance to pursue wealth and be socially mobile.
Plessy vs. Ferguson made it legal to…
Create seperate but equal facilities for black and whites.
Preschool education is the most efficiant way for the government to invest its money to support economic growth. (True or False)

Asian Americans were not elgible for citizenship because of the 1790 Naturalization Law which restricted that right to “free white persons

(True or False)

In the common school model of education, children from all social classes…. 
receive common education
In the “high stakes testing model” of schooling, students are….
tested for grade promotion and sorted by those tests into tracks and ability groups. 
What is a cultural frame of reference 
the perspective through which an individual sees his/her world.
What GPA must one have to student teach at MC….
What is an ethnocentric education?
students are taught from the perspective of a particular culture such as an African American culture, or Latino culture.
In the sorting machine model of education, high, middle, and low income students enter the school and….. 
are sorted by teachers, counselors, and standardized tests.
What court case was responsible for desegregating schools?
Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka.
A dominated culture is one that….
was forcefully incorporated into the US 
Social reproduction means….
schools reproduce the social class structure of society.
The california law in 1935 allowed schools there to legally segregate hispanic children in the public schools by categorizing them as indians.
What does LEP stand for 
Limited English Proficiency
What does empowerment mean?
providing students the knowledge and skills for creating a just society.
What is human capital?
investing in people to make them more productive.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo….
granted mexicans living in the US their citizenship
What does the IDEA stand for?
Individuals with disabilities education act

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