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Economics in the wester civili Essay

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At a very young age Samantha Ann Olivia had to endure hardships most people never have to experience. Most people grow up knowing their biological mother and father, but Samantha did not have this luxury. Born on September 14, 1982 she was given up for adoption almost immediately.
At age two months she started her journey from South Colombia, of course too young at this point to realize the mental anguish to come in later years. After being put up for adoption Samantha (or Sam as she prefers to be called) was quickly accepted by a loving family consisting of two older brothers, and a caring mother and father in downtown Brooklyn, New York. Here, Sam resided until the age of four years. At four she moved with her family to Staten Island, New York. Her parents enrolled her in Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic school where she started elementary education." I have a lot of good memories from my younger years at school and hanging out around New Dorp," saidSamantha.
" When I started getting older, around twelve, it had finally hit me that I was different than my family. I think I always knew but this is when
I was able to talk about it with my parents." After asking her parents many questions, Sam was able to accept that these were not her biological parents, but they will always be her mother and father. " Atfirst it was a horrible thought. After crying a lot and thinking I was different from everyone, I realized no one has a perfect family and then it really didn't bother me much."
Samantha came to realize that she had the same experiences, hopes, dreams and great memories as so many of her friends. " Some of my greatest memories are of hanging out with my two older brothers," Sam said happily. " When I was just four years old and with my brothers friends in Brooklyn. In the front of my house is a big black metal fence. My brother's friend was making fun of me and I

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