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Economic and Political Developments in the US 1800-1830 Essay

Essay Topic:

After the defeat of British colonists against the American and French
forces in the American Revolution, which ended in 1781, Americans began
rebuilding their nation by developing stable economic and political
institutions.This paper will discuss economic and political developments
that paved the way for the Americas or United States become a prosperous
and powerful nation not only in the Western bloc, but in the whole world as
Upon establishing their own government right after the American
Revolution, Americans began rehabilitating their economy, by spurring
agriculture, the main source of income of most Americans during that
period.What paved the way for agriculture to proliferate and flourish in
the country is through the invention of the cotton gin in the 1790s,
invented by Eli Whitney.Through the cotton gin, it became possible for
cotton farmers to separate raw cotton fibers from seeds and other foreign
materials in it. Cotton farming became a lucrative market for Americans
during the 1800s, establishing bug cotton plantations in the Northern and
Southern regions of America.Furthermore, cotton gin farming became the
catalyst for black slave trading and selling to emerge as a new form of
Further developments in agriculture continued even after the War of
1812, another conflict between the American and the British forces.After
the war, agriculture flourished once again, and agriculture was no longer
limited to cotton gins, but other lucrative agricultural form called “mixed
agriculture,” which included plants and animals as primary source of
agricultural products and resources.Like the economic development during
the 1800s, economic prosperity during the mid-1800s resulted to rampant
support for black slavery and spurred migration, where European nationals
transferred to the US to work as farmers, and eventually live as America

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