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Early Settlers Essay

English settlers started arriving in the colonies in 1607. Two different companies would finance the expeditions for the colonist. The Virginia Company and Massachusetts Bay Company would both set up colonies in the new world. They shared their similarities and differences while setting up the colonies. They would struggle thefirst year, have problems with the Indians, create a system of laws to rule by and were established to help the mother country, England. Both companies would start out differently. They had different reasons to go there, took different people, had different economic organizations, religions and education.
When the settlers arrived to America they were seeing new land and things they had never seen before. So when the colonist funded by the Virginia Company and Massachusetts Bay came they both struggles thefirst year. Typhoid fever and Malaria were some of the diseases killing the colonist. In Jamestown only 38 of the original 104 would survive thefirst year. The Massachusetts Bay Co. in Plymouth had 200 of their settlers die thefirst year. Both colonies would have their problems and get help from the Indians. Powhatan and his English speaking daughter, Pocahontas would teach the settlers how to survive by farming and growing crops. Squanto helped the New England Colony settlers how to farm and grow corn. In 1621 thefirst Thanksgiving was celebrated between Squanto and the other settlers. But they would also have problems with them. In Massachusetts, the British and Indians fought in a was called, Metacoms War in which a lot of settlers and Indians died in. When theyfirst arrived they created a system of laws. In 1619 the House of Burgesses would be established by Jamestown. The Puritans would establish the Mayflower Compact in 1620 and went by majority rule. Both of the Colonies would eventually be used to help benefit the mother country. England created a set of laws called the Navigation Laws to …

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