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early marriage Paper

TOPICS THESIS STATEMENT POINTS REFERENCES Baby dumping Title : Many cases about dumping babies. The number of baby dumping cases has become serious issue and it has become one of the main topics to be discussed. This baby dumping issue always related to youth nowadays. we must know this situation happen because people or society lack of education, exposed to social life and uncomfortable situation to their family. 1st point : People or society lack of education. 1st supporting details: For youth, they need to be educating at school.

They must get formal education at chool. While, at home they are getting informal education about the negative effect of baby dumping informally from their parents. As a Muslim, they need to aware that baby dumping is forbidden. They need to think it wills worth them nothing. 2nd points : Exposed to social life. 2nd supporting details: Youth nowadays is more social than before. Before this, parents control all their children activities including their children social life but nowadays parents are different, they trust their children can manage their life wisely.

Parents should care bout their children activities and friends. Parents must know what their children doing and with whom their children are friend with. 3rd points : Uncomfortable situation to their family. 3rd supporting details : people will always think badly about people that have done wrong doing such as baby dumping. Their family will face all the critics from society. Society will lose respect to the family involved and , they may feel shame having giving birth outside of marriage. It makes their family feel very embarrassed to face the society. Author(s) : missmasgold,

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Title : BABY DUMPING COME MORE SERIOUS ISSUES NOWADAYS Date of publication : JANUARY 2011 URL : http://www. studymode. com/essays/Cause-And-Effect-Of-Baby- Road accident Title : Causes, consequences and prevent. Road accidents also called traffic collision are caused by humans when they overlook laid down rules and regulations governing the use of roads. There are three causes of road accident that are individuals neglect or refuse to follow road signs and regulations, over speeding, and alcohol taken. 1st point : individuals neglect or refuse to follow road signs and regulations. t supporting detail : some drivers to understand or obey road signs. By understanding simple road signs like when the light shows red light means stop green light means it is safe to go. When you reach intersections, bumps or hills, following the appropriate road rules will save lives. One of the fundamental responsibility of a good driver or would be driver is to learn the many road signs that will guide him or her in the course of driving. studying road signs is a must for any who wish to become not Just an expert but also a responsible driver. oad signs play ignificant roles and must never be neglected. 2nd point : Over speeding. 2nd supporting details : One of the major causes is over speeding which accounts for one of the many causes of road accidents daily. This happen when drivers deliberately drive above the regulated speed limits either to showoff, meet deadlines or Just for fun they thus put [their life and the lives] of many other road users at risk. By exceeding the regulated speed limit, one is risking an accident. 3rd point : Alcohol taken.

It is advised that individuals who have taken alcohol or have alcohol in their system hould never take the risk of driving because doing so would result in putting their big influence on your driving ability. It is fatal to drive under the influence of alcohol. A small quantity of alcohol is enough to make one lose control especially when you are behind the wheels. Since they say prevention is better than cure, it is pertinent to adhere to this regulation in order to avert road accidents and the loss of human lives. Author(s) :Toshiba Semiconductors Title : Causes of road accident. Date of publication : 28 March 2013 1st point :

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