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early human society Essay

Essay Topic:

Between the years of 1500 and 1789, was a period of growing societies, government, culture, and the values of human beings.Many great English philosophers during this time such as John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Thomas Hobbes wrote and collected their ideas that depict the nature of human beings and how they come together to form a society in which governments are instituted.During this time, these philosophers laid down their ideas in Leviathan, Two Treatises on Civil Government, and The Social Contract.
The nature of human beings could be argued in many ways. Some may say it's our nature to be "good." Others may claim that we are born naturally "indifferent" or "wicked."As John Locke puts it, I believe that men are created in a "tabula rasa" manner. Meaning that human beings are created a blank tablet and it's up to society, our environment, and experiences that create and shape our character. We are neither born good or evil, but neutral until someone or something molds our personality, changing and molding until we become what our experiences have made us.Some have grown to be ones who enjoy helping others and strive to create a society in which we are all created equal and live in peace.Yet, there are others who have grown to be power hungry, selfish, greedy, and want nothing more than to be in the top positions, worshiping the almighty dollar.
Being how many humans have been molded into jealous, envious, malicious and cruel individuals, affects how others are shaped.As Hobbes mentions in his writing, Leviathan, he states "…some men can represent to others that which is good in the likeness of evil; and evil in the likeness of good; and augment or diminish the apparent greatness of good and evil, making men discontented and troubling their peace at their pleasure" (Hobbes 35). Hobbes compares human beings to other sociably creatures such as b…

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