From the changing American family video, I watched six chapters of it and learnt several issues that are facing modern families and changing trends. From all of them, it was clear that family is changing from the normal father, mother and children setting to include other types of families such as same sex families, single families and step families. All this is due to the changing culture within America. Some of the chapters that I watched include, introduction, panel introduction, unique US family patterns, importance of stability for children, the way marriage is valued and the gay marriages.

Interesting issues from chapters watched

In chapter one, Introduction, I learnt that families patterns are changing rapidly in America. The family has become an object of significant social value as well as occasion sentiment. It is also capable of generating intense motions and political loyalty, sexuality and motherhood amongst others. Additionally, marriages are declining while divorce rates are on the rise.

Such issues are changing the meaning of gender and sexuality and marriage, as well. In the second chapter, panel introduction, the invited panel members are introduced. Each of their credibility, as well as their works is addressed not forgetting the issues required.

In the third chapter, I learnt that the United Sates is highly distinctive compared to other developed countries in the world, in terms of family values. One of the unique patterns about families in United States is a fact that people have many partners in their lives than any other country.

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It is not surprising that children see several partners of their parents coming and going. Relationships, especially co-habiting, starts very quickly and ends quickly, as well. After a break up, people seek other relationships very quickly. This is caused by a high value in individualism, as well as a high value for marriage that see people seeking it more often than in any other country. The fourth chapter looks into the importance for stability for children. One learns that children do not have a choice when it comes to relationships of their parents. Stability is crucial for child development. For people with children, getting into another relationship should take some time in order to allow the children to adjust and have a stable family. Before bringing in another partner, one should be sure that the person would be good for the child.

Chapter 5, the way marriage is valued, is about how marriage is valued in the United States. The truth is that marriage is valued as a status symbol in where people view it as a way to show they have a successful life. Chapter 13, Gay marriage, further shows how much marriage is valued. It is in the United States that most activist activities in support of gay marriage have been experienced. Gay couples are seeking civil recognition in order to marry. This shows that Americans, whether straight or homosexual, highly value marriage.

Multiple-choice question on chapter 1, introduction

Which of the following is not among the changing patterns of families in United States?

a). Single families are on the rise

b). The divorce rate is on the rise in the United States than any other developed country

c). Same sex families have continued to rise

d). Marriages are lasting longer than before

Essay Question

Why do people in the united states have more partners than any other country?

United states has seen the most issues in marriages, families and relationships. It is no surprise that a person can have several relationships in a short period such as more than one or two relationships in one year. One of the main reasons is the amount of value places on marriage as well as relationships or having a partner. In united states, people have a high value for relationships than any other country. Therefore, no one wants to be without a partner for long. On the other hand, it becomes hard to maintain a relationship because of the high value on individualism. Americans determine a relationship in terms of how much individual value it adds to their life. Thus, when it does not break up comes. Therefore, individualism and high value on marriage causes Americans to have several relationships over short periods.

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