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E-Sports and Video Gaming Essay

Essay Topic:

I believe in e-Sports. I believe in its ability to bring a new meaning to video gaming. E-Sport community has grown rapidly in recent years. It was 1997 when I was at the age of 7, still a little kid studying in primary school, there was a television program which one of its episode was talking about playing video game as a job. The host was interviewing a young man who was at the age of 20. He was hired by a game developing company to play video games which were in a developing stage. His job was to test the game and find the errors and report them back to the company. I was fascinated by the idea that making a way of living through playing video games. However, the young man was frustrated because his family didn’t support his decision of quitting school just for playing video games. Playing video game has always been considered as an activity by a lot of parents which waste a lot of time. Their feelings against video games might grow even stronger after the release of some most famous gaming consoles of all time in 1994, Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo 64. Although playing video games as a living sounded absurd, I was hooked with the idea in mind ever since.

I’ve been playing video games since I was 9. Gaming has been a huge part of my life. I mostly played RPG game when I was young, such as Pokemon. It let me to get away from the reality, and lift the pressure from all the study and homework off me just for the time being. My parents always think that I play video games a little too often. Just like many other parents, they think that I should focus more on studying instead of playing video games. The main reason for that is because video games will not do me any good but a certificate of graduation will most likely help me to find a decent job in the future.

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However, the meaning of gaming has been changing slowly for the past decades. As the technology advances, people can play video games with their friends through the internet…

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