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1st Essay Sample on Due Process

In our government today we have due process of law.Due process of law simply means that we have protection against a chance deprivation of life, liberty or property.Within the due process law, if you are to be accused of something it has to be under fair and reasonable circumstances.If we are ever to be arrested of something, under due process it commands that we are taken to court and showed cause.I think that it is very important that we have due process in the law for the people of the United States.

I think to have this is good because with due process we have something that protects our rights. In a way I think that due process helps citizens against being taken advantage.I think people would do whatever they wanted and think it was okay without due process.Not too long ago I had encounter with a cop who tried to catch me doing drugs all because I was sleeping in my car during fifth period.

Now I can see in a way that, by me sleeping in the car on school property would seem kind of suspicious.I think in this case the cause of his accusation was somewhat reasonable.However, I think the cop went a little overboard and was rude, so I still think he’s a jerk.In any case it would be scary if a cop could come up to me anytime he wanted and accuse me of doing drugs out of nowhere.

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It is important that cops or any governmental authority show cause before they do anything.If it weren’t for that cop having reasonable cause I would have definitely made hell for him for violating my rights. With that said due process protects us against our rights being violated for no reason.The government doesn’t have power to do anything such as search private homes and papers, conduct wiretaps, seize evidence, or charge people with crimes without reasonable cause.If they didn’t have reasonable cause they would just be invading our privacy, stealing, or harassing us.

2nd Essay Sample on Due Process

“A right to a fair trial”.That statement seems so true atfirst glance, but when you analyze it, you will find the statement to be quite false at times. People are still treated unjustly and feeling uncomfortable with the criminal justice system.The United States Constitution declares us the “right to a fair trial”, yet through the years, some U. S. citizens have not recovered that particular right.Because of mistakes like this, people lose faith in this Constitution. In the Constitution, a right to a free trial can be sum up in one method, “Due Process of Law”.The 5th Amendment has thefirst reference of the term “Due Process of Law”.At that time the United States was existing during the colonial ages.The country had just won the Revolutionary War and it was to become a new nation of freedom, truth and justice.When our founding fathers came together to build our nation and constitution, they regretted to include all of the people who were living in the U.

S. These people that I speak about are slaves. They were not even considered to be citizens nor an integral part of the U. S.This idea started with the Dred Scott Case, which states that slaves were not U. S.

citizens, therefore they were not allowed to have a fair trial. When the slaves became “free”, for the next ten years they had all of the rights that were promised to them.Unfortunately, everything usually comes to an end.In 1875, a new President was in office and the Jim Crow laws spread all over the land.When this law began to spread, all of the rights of free slaves began to disappear and cast its ugly shadow over the country. You might think that I am being too dramatic, yet history has shown the extreme loss of rights of some Americans.Minority citizens, mainly African Americans, went through these hardships and tribulations. All of this was mainly due to the fact that “Due Process of Law” did not exist with the Jim Crow Laws.

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Essay Examples on Due Process
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