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Drug cases Paper

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Drug cases are frequently resulting in sentences that involve jail time. This is particularly true in cases where an individual have a previous criminal record for having committed in drug offenses. These serious sentences are particularly possible in courts that are considered more traditional or conservative, such as those in Cobb County. If you are being caught in a country that have strict policies regarding drugs and the amount of drug is huge, then the possibility are high that you are going to jail even you hire a prosecutor.

Furthermore, drug cases characteristically acquire an extensive period of time to get to court, for the reason that the drugs in these cases typically have to be sent to the state crime lab for analysis. This process only might take usually between 3 to 6 months for test results. An attorney uses this time to talk to the officers, client, and their family in order to organize the case for disposition. Various drug cases might involve numerous defendants where each defendant might be obligatory to have his own attorney.

Drug cases are classically assigned to a particular prosecutor who handles drug cases. You can even be required to be present at a drug court such as they have in Cobb County. It may take some court appearances before the case can be completed successfully. (Atlanta Drug Lawyers, 2006) In countless drug cases, the arrest and evidence use to support a certainty usually results from a search and seizure. If the legitimate limits were not functional to the government’s conduct, nevertheless, the evidence might be deemed unacceptable and the charges could be dismissed or unapprovable.

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A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can recommend his or her clients on whether the evidence leading to a drug charge may have resulted from an improper search or arrest and answer all other questions regarding the criminal justice process in drug cases. (Drug Charges, 2005) The process of investigation for drug cases takes a long period of time. Usually informants and witnesses are the one who can make the case stronger. Another part of drug and narcotics cases that makes the investigation process unusual is the use of drug informants.

Drug informants can give helpful information on different types of drug activity, but compared with informants used in other investigations, they are possibly the most difficult to deal with. Drug informants have different motivations for helping the police, such as terror of punishment for criminal acts, reprisal against their enemies, money, regret, or unselfishness. In spite of the motivation, informants who have entered into agreements with police agencies ought to primarily be screened cautiously and then, afterward, be monitored.

The process of investigation in court concludes with discussions on undercover laboratories, search warrants, and evidence handling. In addition, when all evidence has been shown in court the judge that is handling the case can now decides on the penalties or other recommendations. (Online Learning Center, Chap. 19, 2006) In addition, several drug cases are can also be settle outside the courtroom for the reason that the family offers options and alternatives for the victims.

This method is nowadays practice more often for the reason that the offender will have more chances to have lesser penalties. The process is simple. The family or the special attorney will just arrange a meeting for the victim in able to explain to them the benefits that they will get if they agreed to this arrangements. Normally the family offer lots of benefits including money to encourage them to agree in their terms. The families will wish that the offenders will be just sent into rehabilitation or other drug treatment that will help and cure the person.

Furthermore, more courts are now thinking and looking at drug treatment versus imprisonment when sentencing drug offenders. Skilled criminal attorneys can described these treatments as options available to drug offenders in their states and push for those options and alternatives instead of imprisonment. (Why Treatment May Be Better than Incarceration for Drug Offenders, 2006) Conclusion Drug crimes take unkind penalties, predominantly under the federal law. If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, you might have to face time in prison, a terrifying thought for most people.

Normally drug cases really settle in court but this process takes lot of time due to long investigation, and arraignment. Moreover, drug cases settle in court is the traditional one but nowadays alternative methods to avoid imprisonment are being use as alternatives. Drug cases can also be solved even outside the courtroom. This is a good advantage for the offender whereas it will take lesser consequences and avoid serious penalties that the law will give. However, for me, processing drug cases in court is more effective one than settling cases outside the court.

For the reason that I believed we must follow the law and the right processes. It might be burden for the offender but somehow this will be a lesson for them. Yes, it will take long time but as soon as these processes are done and complete, the result will be creditable and the victims will have true and fair justice. References: Atlanta Drug Lawyers, Retrieved on June 29, 2006 at http://www. atlantalaw. org/drug_offenses. php Drug Charges, Retrieved on June 29, 2006 at http://www. birminghamcriminallaw.

com/CM/FSDP/PracticeCenter/Criminal-Law/Drug-Charges. asp Federal Drug Cases, Retrieved on June 29, 2006 from http://www. mlhorwitzlaw. com/PracticeAreas/DrugCases. asp Online Learning Center, Retrieved on July 01, 2006 at http://highered. mcgraw-hill. com/sites/0072564938/student_view0/chapter19/chapter_overview. html Why Treatment May Be Better than Incarceration for Drug Offenders, Retrieved on June 29, 2006 at http://www. mevorahlaw. com/CM/FSDP/PracticeCenter/Criminal-Law/Drug-Charges. asp? focus=topic&id=4

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