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DrJ Essay

hey whtas up? your probably playing your game right now! i bet your doing
good ! practice sucked, it was so hot!! i dunno!!! but anyways Sunday on icq
i asked brad if you said anything about me, and he just said "no, she was like
all over the guys though" it's ok if you were i mean u don't have to not be all
over guys anymore, but i mean i just dont' like when people like say that they
like me and then do that, i'm not saying you did it i'm just saying….. like it's
like u lead me on sometimes! but i probably do it too…. it's ok don't worry, it
just makes me feel bad…. i still like u as much as i used to…. but i guess you
don't like me as much but thats ok too…. ok it's like 8 30 now…. i just got
off the phone with krupa! he has changed so much…. like hes not rude and
loud anymore he's like quiet and like shy, like he doesn't know me anymore!!
it's sad!!! i miss the kid! ok now it's 9 30, wheres the time going!!! i don't
want to go to sleep cause then next thing i know i'm getting up for school!!!
well school isn't so bad anymore but it's still not cool…. hey i'm writing! this
actually is taking me a long time!! cause i'm slow and can't think of stuff!!
oh man u want to know a good song… don't tell anyone i said this
PLEASE!!!! all 4 one – so in love…. ok don't tell anyone tonja!!! i always
think of you when i listen to it, because thats how i always imagined us. like
not caring about anything for a little while and just thinking about eachother
just being together and everything being perfect, it's just like the song but
that would be embarrassing. but anyways, i mean i still think of you as like
my girl. i mean i won't go out with other people and stuff for a while at
least…. like i like u so much but i don't know if i want to go ou…

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