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Dreams of Aviation Essay

Ever since I was just a youngster I have always had a fascination with airplanes. When I took myfirst trip on an airplane I was really uneasy about it. Then they brought me into the cockpit and let me see all the instruments and we talked about how planes worked. My fears all turned into fascinations and I realized how relaxing being in the air really was. After that I was almost sure that I wanted to get involved with planes. I found out about a program that could help me become more involved with planes and maybe help me get a career in an aviation field of work. The program I got into is called Civil Air Patrol.
Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is an Air Force auxiliary that carries out non-combat missions on behalf of the U.S Air force. The average age of members in my squadron is 15. The group has grown from 14 enrollees last year to 20 directly after the 9-11 disaster. The program teaches Aerospace, leadership, and general skills necessary in emergency situation. For example, the CAP is responsible for most search and rescue mission in the United States. We learn skills in mock missions called SAREX's. (Search and Rescue Excercises)
I joined CAP because I wanted to develop personal discipline. CAP allows me to receive as well practice personal discipline. I earn medals when I complete assignments and tests. These medals prove that I have completed the basic skills needed to attempt more advanced aviation training programs in the near future. The program has helped improved my self-esteem and I know that I am a part of a valued team in my community. I also joined because someday I aspire to be a pilot with my own charter airplane company.
In the future, joining the Air Force could help me by allowing me a chance to further my knowledge of aircraft and also experience aircraftfirst hand, and also help me earn flight hours. The Air Force would be a benefit to me because I would be around many others with s

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