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“Dream careful” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Dream careful”

I think my review must include a reading of the situation, otherwise I run the risk of misleading potential readers

In a nutshell. It was really a summer day in Moscow, it was warm and sunny. I went to the park and sat on a bench next to the pond, at some point past floated the couple and the photographer hectares shore skipping tried to keep up with them, while constantly flicking gate))) This picture of me cheered, generally the mood was good, around calm, the sun warms. I opened the book, from the very first lines it is even more cheer me up, daily thoughts megalopolis inhabitant were very well communicated (at this point it is, of course, reason is not the meaning of life, but the more prosaic things, but after all we are doing this “time from time”). Further more – the girl working a wedding photographer))) In short, at some point, I was so absorbed that evening was already the proud owner of a burnt in the sun back, since the book I have read in full, sitting on this very bench)) I guess this is about says a lot! It is very easy to read, because they do not have to puzzle over the hidden meaning of the phrase. And here is another fact – leaving, I left the book on the bench for the following readers at home I mostly keep it that at least in the long term would like to re-read …

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By the way, the desire – a dangerous thing? !) in the book the heroine is nothing wrong to fulfill all her wishes did not happen))) and about the gypsy with heather – is a series of “positive thinking, or why not go to fortune-tellers” !

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