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Dracula Essay

Essay Topic:

Undoubtedly, we have all heard legends about vampires.These undead creatures were born to live by sucking the blood of innocent humans.But where did these monsters originate?The name Dracula comes from Vlad III of fifteenth century Romania (Porter).Contrary to popular opinion though, Dracula was not a vampire, but rather one of the greatest rulers that had every reigned over Romania.
Leblanc states, “Vlad III was born in November or December 1431 in the fortress of Sighisoara, Romania”.His father, Vlad II, belonged to the Order of the Devil which was established to fight off the invading Turks that wished to conquer Romania.He took the name “Dracul” which means devil in the Romanian language and his son, Vlad III, was given the name “Dracula” meaning son of the devil (Porter).Dracula was raised by his mother while his father was in exile.When Vlad II regained the throne in 1436, Dracula was taken in by his father and taught to live as a nobleman (Leblanc).Porter says, “Dracula learned all the skills of war and peace that were deemed necessary for a Christian knight.”
At the age of sixteen Dracula's father and older brother were assassinated by the Turks.The Turks then supported Dracula's attempt to be the next king.With Turkish assistance Vlad III managed to briefly seize his father's throne but lost it to the Hungarians two months later (Porter).In 1456, he ruled over the throne of Wallachia
which was southern Romania.That began his longest reign as king which was for the next six years (Leblanc).
During this time period Vlad III performed some of the worst cruelties giving him the reputation he is renowned for today.He was given the name “Tepes” which, in Romanian, means impaler (Florescu and McNally).Florescu and McNally state, “Vlad was so-named because of his

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